A photograph of a dog in a room standing beside a dog bowl. A large photograph of a dog in a room beside a dog bowl and a Butternut Box. A large photograph of a dog in a room beside a dog bowl and a Butternut Box.

The modern way to feed your dog

Freshly prepared dog food. Cooked like you would at home. Delivered in perfect portions.

A Dog bowl split across the middle, showing fresh ingredients in the bottom half, and freshly-prepared Butternut food in the top.

We're putting the food back into dog food

For a can of dog food to be labelled as ‘with chicken’, it only needs to contain 4% chicken.

We think dogs deserve better.

That’s why we only use ingredients that you can see and say.

None of the nasties, all of the goodness and lots of tail wags from £1.31 a day.

The pawfect plan, created just for your dog

One. A hand holding a mobile phone displaying a picture of a happy dog.
You tell us your pooch’s details

We’ll create a personalised meal plan that is complete, healthy and sure to result in a happy dance.

Two. A chilled delivery van delivering boxes of frozen Butternut.
We deliver drool-worthy meals

Perfectly portioned pouches, frozen to lock in the freshness and delivered in insulated boxes at a time that suits you.

Three. A bowl of fantastically fresh Butternut.
Serve and set tails to ‘wag’

Just open the pouch and dish out their meal. Clean bowls, happy tummies, healthy dogs.


Custom plan, custom price

Dogs are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Age, size, weight - we take it all into account when calculating the amount of food they need.

Use our guide to get a ruff price or build your box to get your custom price.

A dashhound with a speech bubble


A photograph of Butternut Box's Beef recipe in a dog bowl. A photograph of Butternut Box's Lamb recipe in a dog bowl placed on a yellow background.

How to feed Butternut

Even the fussiest of pups (and some humans) devour our tasty meals.

A pre-portioned pouch of Butternut being opened.

Dish out

Daily meals from pre-portioned pouches. Less mess and smells real good.

A bowl of Butternut, to be served either hot or cold.

Serve up

Serve straight from the fridge or gently warm it up to suit your pup.

A dog clearly enjoying their bowl of Butternut.

Chow down

Healthy pups, clean bowls and lots of tail wags.


Created with nutritionists, approved by vets

An photograph of Maggie the dog excitely awaiting a bowl of Butternut Box.

Maggie the Bull Terrier

Avid Butternutter since 2018

A corgi with a speech bubble detailing the current discount offer.
Build your box It’ll only take a few minutes. No commitment. Skip or stop anytime.

Frequently asked questions

From our fellow dog lovers

The price is based on your dog’s calorie needs, so each dog will have their own unique plan and price. Age, size, weight and more, - we take it all into account when creating their customised plan!

Plans for small dogs start at £1.31 per day. Fill out our questionnaire to see your dog’s customised plan and price.

We freeze our meals to lock in all the fresh and natural goodness. Your doglicious meals will arrive frozen in an insulated box - ready to pop into the freezer or defrosted in the fridge.

You can safely dish up the meals that you have frozen for up to 6 months after the date it’s been cooked. Once defrosted, you can keep the meals unopened in the fridge for up to 7 days, and up to 2 days after you open them.

We deliver to most of the UK mainland but we don't currently deliver to parts of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland or islands off the UK.

If you want to see if we can deliver to you, please contact our Customer Love team.

Nope! We cook all our recipes at a low temperature in small batches. Our process gets rid of any harmful bacteria whilst preserving the high quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in the food.

From your dog (we assume)

Yes. Yes you are. Now who wants a treat?

It was reported* in 1876 that Doug, an accountant from Norfolk, aimed to close the gap between human and dog behaviour. Butt sniffing was the second endeavour, after a game of catch on all fours. Needless to say, his colleague Phil wasn’t impressed and the whole thing was quickly shut down.

*we read it on the back of an old supermarket receipt.

Only if you’ve brushed your teeth, cleaned your paws and promise not to hog all the covers!

That is… your tail. Nothing is following you, it’s more that you are a leader. A chief, a commander and director. You are leading your tail. Continue with pride.

P.S - chasing your tail typically results in your human uploading a lengthy video that often goes viral*

*Viral = the human equivalent to a very popular urine covered tree

A dog peeking over a offer box with a speech bubble


Get those tails wagging

Tell us about your pooch and we'll work out how much food they need, and recommend a customised plan.

Get Started It’ll only take a few minutes. No commitment. Skip or stop anytime.