The biggest and smallest Dogs

Read time: 3 mins

08 Jun 2021

By Lana, Customer Love


Dog breeds vary greatly in size - from mighty Great Danes and St Bernards to tiny Chihauhaus and Dachshunds. (That's physically speaking, of course - your pooch may feel like the big dog after a day of chasing squirrels in the park, but soon feel very small after peeing on your new carpet. Oops.)

Outside of your own dogs varying size, have you ever pawsed to think about the biggest and smallest dogs out there?

Impawsibly small

According to the Guinness World Records, the smallest pup is Chihuahua Miracle Milly from Puerto Rico, who stood 9.65cm tall and weighed 0.6kg. That makes Milly just shorter than the length of our 125g pouches. Truly tiny. If we were to cook for this teeny Chihuahua, we'd recommend she has 30g of Butternut per day. We can't quite imagine how that would look in a food bowl.

Zeus, king of the Dogs

The tallest dog ever recorded was a Great Dane, appropriately named Zeus. From paws to withers, he stood 3ft 10inches high and weighed over 70kg. If you stacked 38 x 400g Butternut pouches together, they would still be smaller than Zeus. He'd need 1400g of Butternut per day to keep him happy, and we'd probably need to stitch a couple of our bandanas together to fit him comfortably.

Fancy a cuddle?

Zeus may have been the tallest dog on record, but the heavyweight title was given to another pooch... very rightly so. Zorba the English Mastiff weighed 156kg, which would mean he'd need around 2600g of Butternut per day - and you thought your pooch was hungry. If you lay down on your bed and place 624 bags of 250g lamb treats on top of you, this is what it would feel like to get a cuddle from Zorba. Cosy.

#TongueOutTuesday Champion

If you've ever gotten involved with #TongueOutTuesday on our Facebook page, you may have found yourself wondering: which dog could give the biggest blep? Wonder no more. Brandy the Boxer's tongue rolls out to be 43cm long. That is some reach. Her tongue would be the equivalent of the length of 3.5 x 200g Butternut pouches. With all that tongue, Brandy must have had good taste. We bet she would have loved some Wham Bamb Lamb.

Biggest ears

We've all heard of Dumbo with his magical ears, but have you heard of Mr. Jeffries the Basset Hound from West Sussex? You have now. This pooch's ears span 29.18cm long, meaning he could hold 11 Nimble Nibble biscuits from one end of his ear to the other. Now that is one unique pawty trick.

Most tennis balls held in the mouth

There are often things in our dog's mouths that shouldn't be, but sometimes we have to give them credit for what they manage to fit in there. The record for the most amount of tennis balls held in a dog's mouth goes to Augie the Golden Retriever. This talented pooch can gather and hold five tennis balls in her mouth at once. Not as tasty as munching on some Butternut, but still impressive.