The Butternut Difference

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30 Jun 2020

Butternut Box is a freshly cooked dog food. We prepare meals for all ages, breeds and activity levels. Using the highest quality ingredients, we gently cook small batches and deliver directly to the pet parent. Enlisting European veterinary diplomat and board specialist in nutrition, each meal is nutritionally complete and balanced for all life stages.

For any of your pup patients who suffer from a sensitive digestion, or for those pet parents who want natural, freshly cooked food but don’t fancy slaving over a hot stove all day – we’re just the ticket.

Our ingredients

Butternut Box meals are grain free and human-quality meat, veg, and lentils. We use carefully selected, in-season, human-quality ingredients every time and garnish with culinary herbs to make them extra tasty. All of our food is made in small batches in our kitchens in Lancashire.

Our meals, composition and nutritional analysis (as fed) can be found here.

Butternut Box Frozen Pouches - OG Image


Butternut Box meals are highly digestible. The results from our recent digestibility study showed that our food's crude protein is 92.7% digestible and our crude fat is 99.3% digestible, both of which are way above average values.

We also carried out a ‘poop pilot study’ recently where pet parents confirmed that they found their pup’s poops much more regular, firm and easy to pick up than when they’d been on their previous foods.

Our cooking processes

We cook all our recipes at a low temperature in small batches. This process destroys pathogenic bacteria, making the food safe, whilst preserving the high-quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in it. This gives pups all the benefits of a completely balanced meal, without their pet parent having to spend hours over the stove and then more hours doing the washing up. It’s ‘win-woof’, as they say.

Cocker Spaniel with pouches in kitchen - OG image

Wet, Dry or Raw?

So, let’s explain why we do what we do, and why we’re not wet, dry or raw food:

Dry dog food involves extruding the ingredients under high pressure and high temperatures and commonly includes using a high proportion of cereals. Unfortunately, a high cereal diet doesn’t agree with many pups, as it wasn’t what they’ve evolved to thrive on.

Wet dog food involves autoclaving ingredients at very high temperatures which can destroy lots of the valuable nutrients that then need to be added back later. We’d much rather keep hold of as many of the original mins and vits that Nature provided in the first place.

Lastly, we’re definitely not raw dog food. This is a popular trend, however there are significant concerns about the spread of pathogenic bacteria with this way of feeding and nutritional deficiencies may still remain.

To learn more about our Pet Food labels and our #ReadTheLabel campaign, we teamed up with the amazing people at E-Learning Vet. Watch our webinar for free here.