Our low-fat meals and fun ways to keep your pooch in shape

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08 Jun 2021

By Lana, Customer Love


Your dog's health and happiness is our main priority at Butternut. We all know that the key to keeping your pooch healthy is through good food and exercise, and whilst we've got the good food part covered, the exercise is down to you.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Everyone loves a game of fetch: it's a classic. But that doesn't mean it can't get a bit boring. Add some spice to your dog's life and try some new activities together.

Have a go at Tug of War, where only the strongest will survive. Are you the owner, or are you about to get owned?

Or you could throw it back a childhood favourite and play a game of Hide and Seek. Tell your pooch to stay whilst you find the most awkward crevice in the house to hide in. Once settled, call your dog's name, and see how long it takes for them to sniff you out.

If those suggestions are a bit tame for you, you could set up an obstacle course in your garden and watch your pooch turn into the greatest Olympian of the dog world. Or as the weather gets warmer, why not have a water gun fight to cool down? Spoiler alert: dogs can't hold a water gun. You win every time.

Need a helping paw

We all have days where we wish our pooch was a little more independent: taking themselves on walks, socialising with the neighbourhood dogs, playing games with creatures outside - wait a minute, that sounds awfully like a cat...

But some days, you need a push to get outside. So take advantage of where you live; whether that be the seaside, amongst the hills or even near the high street to do some window shopping. A walk doesn't have to be a quick march around the block to keep your pup happy - you can enjoy it too. You could even create your own walkies playlist and fill it with dog-themed songs to get into your groove. May we suggest the iconic "Who Let The Dogs Out" as a starter for ten.

If you're feeling fancy, you could treat yourself and your pooch to some new walking gear. Get your pup a new lead with a matching harness and coordinate them to your own gloves or jacket. Snazzy.

Whatever you decide to do, you don't have to start big. Set goals for yourself and build upon them when you feel comfortable enough. Start out with a 10-minute walk around an area you are comfortable with and build from there. Before you know it, you and your dog will be the coolest cats on the block.

Back to the Butternut

Exercise and games are great ways to keep your pooch happy and healthy, but are of no use without a good, balanced diet. Enter Butternut [cue fanfare]. All of our recipes are nutritionally complete and contain no nasties; so, you can rest assured your pooch is eating well.

If, however, your four-legged friend does need a little help with their weight, our low-fat recipes may be just the ticket. Our Gobble Gobble Turkey and Chicken You Out contains >6% fat. Delicious. And as our pouches are weighed out for you, you can easily manage how much food you're feeding your dog each mealtime.

Remember: even if your dog is on a diet, they can still enjoy the occasional treat. As our Naturally Tasty Fish Treats and Happy Hearts biscuits are low fat, you can break some up into smaller pieces and feed your pooch without the guilt. Pawfect.