Why Butternut Box is perfect for puppies

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09 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


Puppyhood is the most nutritionally demanding time in your pup’s life, so getting their food right at this stage is vital. Their diet needs to be complete and balanced, yummy and healthy. Here at Butternut Box our pup food ticks all these boxes. 

Along with his exercise, diet will have the greatest effect on your puppy’s bones and joints, and hence their size, shape, strength and fitness as an adult. With the consequences of early nutrition having such important knock on effects into adulthood you need to make sure that your pup nosh is the bee’s knees, and that’s why giving them Butternut Box is a no-brainer.

Our food has been formulated by our team of vets and nutritionists to give them everything they need, in exactly the right proportions during this crucial stage in their development.

We also have a very clever feeding calculator which means that we can deliver the exact meal size that your pup needs at every stage of their development, straight to your door. Although exact requirements vary, depending on their breed, exercise routine and metabolic rate, as a general rule, your pup’s nutritional needs can be divided into two main phases. The fast growth rate of the young puppy, followed at about five months of age by the slightly slower rate of the adolescent. Our feeding calculator takes any guesswork out of feeding and will match your pup’s individual needs to their meal size. This takes all the guesswork out of feeding and keeps your pup at a healthy weight as they grow up. It’s as easy as that!