Real Good Food

Same recipes, different suppliers

We're serious about sourcing quality ingredients. When Butternut started, our search took us to where the humans go - Smithfield Meat Market. As we have grown our business, we've had to search further afield, but we've never forgotten our roots.

Putting our minds at ease about DCM and grain-free diets

Co-founder, Dave, talks about a recent FDA report on grain-free diets for dogs and how Butternut plans to move forward with the facts.

The Butternut Customer Experience Recently

A note to our customers from co-founder Kevin Glynn

Small Changes, Big Impact: Our Pouches

A few words about our new pouches.

Why it's impawtant to #ReadTheLabel

We de-mystify some confusing terms that can end up in your dog's bowl

A word about 'home-cooked'

A word about a recent ASA ruling, growing up and moving away from saying 'home-cooked'.

Love at first bite? Transitioning your dog to natural food

How to transition your dog from dry food to natural food

Does my dog drink enough?

Today we're chatting a little bit about the good stuff; H20!

Top Tips For Keeping Your Canine Cool

Summer heat can also cause plenty of problems for our dogs. In this article, Butternut's own vet gives us the info needed to make sure that our dogs stay safe in the sun.

Feed Your Way To A Healthy Heart

Maintaining good heart health in dogs is incredibly important! In this article, you'll discover how feeding your dog good food leads to a good heart.

What Is Alabama Rot?

Alabama rot can be deadly for dogs. But what is Alabama rot? What exactly does it do? And how can you prevent your dog from getting it?

Obesity in dogs

New research shows that up to half of the UK's dogs are overweight or obese. In this article our in-house vet explains why this obesity is so bad and how you can prevent it.

Lean green doggy machines

No, we’re not talking about Conor McGregor. We’re talking about all the super green foods in your dog’s Butternut Box. Here's why it's so important for your dog to eat greens.

What’s In Your Dog Food?

Ever wondered what all those labels on your dog's food mean? Wonder no longer! Join our in-house vet as she explains what goes into the average packet of dog food.

The Different Food Needed For Large Breed Puppies

As puppies develop, their rates of growth, metabolism and bone development vary depending on their breed. This means that different breeds need different food.

Showing Love To Your Puppies

There’s lots to think about when becoming a pet-parent to these small fluff-balls of perfection. In this article, we take a look at the best ways to show love to your puppies.

Human Treats That Are Poisonous For Dogs

They may be tasty for us, but there are plenty of human foods that are toxic for dogs. From grapes to macadamias and everything in between, these treats aren't for dogs.

The Problem With Feeding Processed Dog Food

Dog foods are highly processed, but the issue is with the procedures used and their consequences. But what exactly are problems with processing? Let's find out.

Leptospirosis: What you need to know

Some insight into Lepto, to help you keep your pooch healthy!

What is a ‘restricted’ diet?

A ‘less is more’ approach is sometimes thought to be beneficial for dogs, but we must not compromise on nutrition

All about Preservatives

How preservatives are used in dog food

Food and Behaviour in dogs

Could food be partly responsible for your dogs’ bad behaviour?

Vegetarian and Vegan diets for dogs

The lifestyle being considered for pets

Canine obesity in the UK

It may be difficult for some owners to admit that their dog is obese; because you guessed it, it’s probably their fault!

Sweet Potato: Superfood for Thought

The revolution behind this delicious vegetable goes beyond fries and mash.

Why do dogs eat their poop?

Scientifically known as ‘coprophagia’, this phenomenon is surprisingly common in the animal kingdom.