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Does my dog drink enough?

Dr. Ciara Clarke , 31st August 2018

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Water; it’s the most essential element to life and clean, fresh water should be available to your dogs at all times. Of course, this is of no not help if they aren’t terribly interested in drinking in the first place. To encourage your dog to drink more water, we hope this blog post will give you lots of tips on how to ensure they are well hydrated, both at home and on the go.

How Much Water Does a Dog Need?

A dog’s normal water intake will vary depending on the individual dog, the moisture content of their food, how active they are and the time of the year. This typically ranges between 30-70 ml/kg body weight per day. For example, a 10kg Cockapoo drinking 50ml water per kg will drink around 500ml water in a day. Butternut Box meals naturally contain a high moisture content. This is because our meals come directly from real, fresh ingredients and are gently cooked, as opposed to dry dog foods, which are concentrated and processed at very high temperatures.

Pointers to see your dog lapping it up!

Make sure the water and the bowls are clean.

Well all enjoy cool, fresh water. So does your dog! Changing their water frequently throughout the day will see their water is more refreshing and healthy. Make sure to wash their water bowls regularly too. Saliva and slime can build up on the bowl over time and can taste funny to fusspot dogs.

Add different flavours and textures

Ice cubes make a great summer treat for your dog. You can even add some low salt chicken or bone broth to the ice water to freeze or add it directly to their water bowl as a splash of flavour!

Or how about making a Butternut Box Pup-sicle using this recipe?!

EXAMPLE: Mix the juice from your thawed Butternut Box meal, 100g of Peanut Butter (ensure it does not contain Xylitol as this can make your dog ill) and a mashed banana. Scoop into popsicle mould, freeze and treat!

Water Fountain

Does your dog like to drink from running sources like the tap or a stream? If so, consider a pet drinking fountain! They constantly circulate and some even filter the water, so it stays cleaner and tastes fresher.

Water on the go

Whether it’s a short walk around the park, a lovely long hike or a trip in the car, always bring some water with you. Your dog will become more familiar and accustomed to drinking water in different places and they will always be hydrated on the go.

Lots of toilet breaks

Dogs are generally happier and their bodies healthier when they are given the opportunity to pee more.

Water bowl options

Some dogs like drinking from ceramic, stainless steel and plastic bowls. Give your dog some options, including spacing multiple water bowls throughout the house for easy access. This is particularly important if you have more than one dog at home.

Feed a high quality diet.

Feeding a dog a natural, high quality food, free of by-products and preservatives will support your dogs internal balance (also known as homeostasis).

Dr Ciara’s vet advice

Dogs should never go for more than a day without water. If your dog is drinking too little or too much water and you are worried about their water consumption, we recommend making an appointment with your local vet. If you can bring a fresh sample, ideally the first pee of the day, this will be all the more helpful!

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