Same recipes, different suppliers

Team Butternut, 22nd November 2019

We're serious about sourcing quality ingredients. When Butternut started, our search took us to where the humans go - Smithfield Meat Market. As we have grown our business, we've had to search further afield, but we've never forgotten our roots. We always know exactly where our food comes from and of course, we know just how good it is.

As well as knowing where our ingredients come from, it's also really important to us that we source them in a way that respects what's available at different times of year. For vegetables like carrots, for instance, we're lucky that we have lots of the orange goodies lying about (underground generally) in the UK. So, we work with a handful of trusted suppliers here to make sure our recipes stay the same and carrot fans can sleep easy at night.

A protein like lamb, however, can be tricky to source from the UK and Ireland all year round. Winter is not typically the time of year we see lambs here, so we knew we needed to look further afield and find a supplier in the part of the world that's having their spring as we face into our winter.

Our search took us to New Zealand which, just like the UK and Ireland, is known for its high-quality, grass-fed lamb. And like all of our ingredients, the lamb we've sourced from New Zealand comes directly from the human food chain, making sure that our recipes don't need to suffer in winter, even if we do.

As we grow, our suppliers may need to change from time to time, but our Butternutters will always be the first to know, and we will always seek the best possible ingredients for our meals. Promise.

Of course, if you have any questions about any of this, just give us a call on 0203 936 4888 or drop us an email at

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