The Butternut Customer Experience Recently

Kev Glynn, 24th May 2019

When we started Butternut Box, there were two things that Dave and I were extremely passionate about:

1) Creating the best dog food imaginable and

2) Providing our customers with the best customer experience in the pet food industry.

Even in the early days, when we were feeding no more than 20 dogs, this was a challenge for just me and Dave. Often this resulted in us running around in our van at all hours so that we could deliver boxes and most importantly, not let anyone down. Dave once drove all the way to DPD when they had an electrical issue and had to bargain to get all of our boxes back so that he could deliver them himself and make sure that our Butternutters still got to enjoy their dinner that night.

At the time, we thought those days were the toughest to manage but recent months have taught us that there are always other challenges along the way. We work with our incredible Customer Love team every day to really understand the voice of our customers and lately, it’s become clear that one of those challenges has been to uphold our promise to deliver the best possible experience for those customers.

Why is that?

The last 3-5 months have been the toughest we have ever faced operationally, which Dave and I take full ownership of. Here’s what’s been happening:

• We moved to a new kitchen. Similar to any sort of significant move like this - whether it’s a house or a new kitchen, there are going to be some teething issues before we become as seamless as we once were in producing Butternut meals.

• We grew a bit. And as we grew, so too did the demand for our meals.

• When we combine the two points above, it limited the supply of Butternut meals to send out to our customers - that’s why we haven’t always been able to deliver the exact meals our clients have wanted.

What we are doing about it:

• We got back in the van. As I write this, Dave has moved up to Manchester and is working tirelessly in our new kitchen for the next few weeks to make sure we are cooking enough pouches. This week (thankfully) things have moved in the right direction and we have finally cooked the amount of pouches that meets demand.

• We have shifted the whole focus of the entire team to make sure our customers are not impacted anymore, which will hopefully reduce the number of errors going forward.

We want to get this right and we want our customers to go back to having the best possible experience again. We are confident that it will be better soon, and by ‘soon’ we mean within 6 weeks, which we have estimated to be the time we need to get out of the woods. We hope that sounds ok to everyone but we also completely understand if you need to take a break and come back when things are resolved. It's not a situation we wanted to be in, by any means, but we hope that you understand and can bear with us over this tricky period - we are working at full tilt to turn things around and it will get better every week from here.

Finally, we wanted to say thank you for all of the continued support this year - we never take it - or our customers - for granted. We are proud every-time we see another review come in on TrustPilot, and the positivity that we feel from our clients and dogs every day is really what keeps the lights on at Butternut Box. If anyone has any ideas, comments, suggestions or thoughts please feel free to email them to Dave, myself and the team (

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