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Episode 3 - Oli Juste

Team BB, 2nd July 2018

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Good things come to those who wait...

Episode three has been a long time coming, and we're very thankful to everyone for their patience! We wanted it to be perfect as it's a bit of a special one...

For anyone who may not know him, Oli Juste is a bit of a big deal here in London. He's a fantastic dog trainer and behaviourist, and has been a firm friend of Butternut since day one, and we're happy to say that his lovely pooch, Bernard, is a Butternutter too! Lauren and Harry were very keen to interview Oli on the podcast as soon as they could, and couldn't wait to share the result.

The three chat about Oli's life and work before he decided to take a leap of faith and get started as a dog trainer and behaviourist under Sarah Whitehead, and discuss what things have been like for him since he made this exciting move. He is now a renowned name in the industry in his own right, and is in high-demand across London - his playful, relaxed temperament and patient approach have clearly helped him become the success that he is and make a hugely positive impact on the humans and dogs he works with. There are lots of nuggets of wisdom and insight here, and Lauren and Harry hope you take as much from the episode as they did!

If you have any questions for our hosts about anything they discuss during the episode, or any thoughts or comments, you can email them on They'd love to hear from you. It'd be amazing if you could rate and review the podcast on iTunes, too!

If you'd like to find out more about Oli, you can click here to go to his website, and he's absolutely worth a follow on Instagram as well - @olijustedogtrainer

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