Episode 4 - Dr Ciara Clarke

Team BB, 24th July 2018

Here at Butternut...

We think we're doing something pretty unique. Not many dog food companies can say they have their very own in-house vet, and we're beyond lucky to have someone as lovely, professional and fun as Ciara on the team. A lot of her day-to-day at BB HQ involves offering medical and nutritional advice and support to us and our pet parents, researching and writing posts for the blog, and starring in our Facebook Live videos.

As well as spending time with the squad, Ciara is also a practising vet and is the founder of Vet in the City. We don't know where she finds the time for everything, but she manages it!

In this episode Lauren and Harry catch us up after a break from the Pod, and then they chat to Ciara about her how she got started with her career as a vet, her time working in South Africa, and how her love of the Olympics brought her to London.

If you have any questions for our hosts or Ciara about anything they discuss during the episode, or any thoughts or comments, you can email them on podcast@butternutbox.com. They'd love to hear from you.

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The Butternut Podcast is recorded in The Pod at White City Place.

Produced by Fina Charleson.

Music by Henry Carpenter

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