Real Good Times

Why is My Dog Eating It's Poop?

Gabriel crismariu 1060681 unsplash

Poop, why do some of our dogs feel inclined to munch on it? And how can we prevent this behaviour?

Dreading the shedding?

Hairy dog

How to keep on top of rogue dog hair

The most delightful doggy apparel

Fashion three dogs

If your four legged friend knows how to eat well, they should be able to dress well too.

Top 10 Tips for a Happy Office Dog

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Are you thinking about taking your pooch to work? Here's a few tips for settling your dog into the office lifestyle!

3 Tips for Helping Your Dog Cope With Firework Season

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Firework season is upon us, here's some tips to help get your pooch through it.

Why it’s so important to clean your dog’s teeth

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Keeping your dog's teeth clean is so important! From the best food to how to stop periodontal disease in its tracks, here's our guide to quality doggy dental health.

The 7 best breeds for family life

Best nanny dogs family

The best dogs for families are playful, friendly and great with kids. In this article, we take a look at the breeds who just love that close-knit family life.

Walkies! How to give your dog the best walks of their life

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The very moment you jangle their lead and call out that immortal word - “walkies!” - your four-legged pal lumbers over to head out the door. They know what to expect, they know what’s coming.

The Butternut Way

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Head of People, Claire chats about all things Butternut culture!

Why You Should Consider Adopting A Shelter Dog

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Feel like doing a good deed? Here's why you should head down to your nearest dog shelter and rescue one of the thousands of dogs in need of a loving home.

Why Office Dogs Make For A Great Workplace.

Why office dogs are beneficial for the workplace

It's 2018 and office dogs are everywhere, but are office dogs a good thing? The answer is yes! Read on to discover how a professional pooch can make work a better place.

Fun In The Sun: Keeping Your Dog Happy In The Heat


From slapping on some doggy suncream to going for walks at the right time, here's what you can do to make sure your dog has a great summer and stays cool as a cucumber.

The Best Breeds For City Living

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Owning a dog in a city is tough, but a lack of greenery and smaller living spaces isn’t the end of the world. Here's our guide to the best breeds for city living.

The best places to take your dog in London

Parksblogdog jbqwki

When it comes to walks, Londoners are spoilt for choice. In this article, we explore the best places to walk your dog in London: time to make the most of the capital.

It's National Selfie Day!

Hannah1 tgirna

Some lovely Butternutters guide us through how to take the perfect selfie with your pooch

Why We Do What We Do

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Our co-founder, Kevin, takes us through why BB exists

Travelling With Your Pooch: What Are The Rules?

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When summer rolls around most of us like to get away. But going abroad with your dog? That's not so simple. Here's our guide to travelling with your pooch.

Outdoor Sports To Play With Your Dog

Do you and your pooch need more exercise? Here's a fun list of outdoor sports you and your dog can enjoy together. So, what are you waiting for? Get on out there!

Eugenio completing humanitarian work in Burkina Fasao

Boyslovedogfood nmtzgc

The difference former #ButternutBox member Eugenio is making for those in the south-west region of Burkina Faso.

Outdoor Events To Attend With Your Dog

10th may eklyvx

A bit of fresh air is always a good thing. Here's a selection of dog-friendly days out for the next time you and your pooch need some outdoor bonding time.

Dental Health In Dogs

3rd may zxtisx

The latest research has shown that the very best way to care for your dog's dental health is good old-fashioned brushing. What are you waiting for, get your brush on!

Separation Anxiety in dogs

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Dogs are pretty smart and often they just don't like being left alone. Here's a quick run through of how separation anxiety can affect your four-legged friends.

Alfie the Butternutter

Img 0435 bluo2g

The story of Alfie and pet-parent, Rhian.

Dogs and their BFFs

12th aprilsmaller qslk4j

It’s National Pet month. And dogs aren’t species-ist!

Easter-Meg hunt

Easter meg hunt gif for blog2 linm6o

The aim of the game was to crack the answers and find our Sales girl, Meg. Did we find her? Or did we whisk leaving her hid forever?

St Paw-trick's Day

Riverdance qtwfeb

One thing is for sure (to be sure): some of the most independent and beautiful dogs in the world are Irish!

All about Crufts

A look at the biggest canine event on the planet

Bringing your dog to your big day

15th feb myirub

If you and your fiancé are in puppy love, why not let your dog play a paw-t in your big day?

Ways to celebrate this Valentine's with your furry loved one

1st feb w9s6qd

A list of dog-friendly Valentine's events, for you and your pup to attend

Don’t forget your Scottish breeds this Burns night!

Scotland i8fpfw

Celebrating our favourite Scottish dog breeds, this Burns Night

Our best Customer Love moments

Cl new wk2rcu

To celebrate 'National get to know you customer Day', our CL team look back at their favourite moments

New Year's Resolutions for you and your pup

11th jan viqgov

How to include your furry friend in your New Year’s Resolutions and put your best paw forward!

Key BB Happenings of 2017

Bbhappeningsblo zdssme

What a year 2017 was for Butternut!

Our Christmas Turkey Dinner

Xmas pouch blog heel4d

A super festive meal. Made by elf hands. Gifted to your door.

6 festive ways to celebrate the season with your dog

Xmas 2 v4rope

Celebrate the season with your pooch

Nick’s story (as told by Dave)


The famous 'Nick Story'

Spooktacular ways to celebrate Halloween with your pup

Hall 1

Prepare to eat, drink, and be scary!

A day at Mayhew

Mayhew 1

Mayhew's dedicated team who ensure all pooches receive the best care possible

Allergy, Intolerance and Itchy Dogs


Food allergies in dogs are almost exclusively caused by certain proteins

DOGA — yep, it’s a thing. Yoga, but for dogs.


It’s BYO dog, in case you were wondering.

The Ultimate Guide to the Most Wag-Worthy Hotels in the UK!


Doggy holidays just got a MAJOR upgrade.

Interview with Vet in the City


A catch up with Ciara Clarke of Vet in the City

Dogs on the Streets (D.O.T.S)

Dots 1

How D.O.T.S charity help the pets of those living on the streets.

Biking with Klaus


We caught up with David and Klaus to hear about their mountain biking adventures