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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Foodie Questions...

    What is fresh food?

    Our meals are cooked to order; never canned, overcooked or otherwise preserved. This retains essential vitamins and nutrients naturally found in our ingredients. We believe in the difference fresh food can make to the health of your dog.

    What is the difference between Butternut Box and the rest?

    We believe our meals are the best meals you can feed your dog, period.

    • Our food vs. dry kibble.

      We wouldn’t fancy eating a Sunday roast after it’s been dried out to a crisp. This is essentially what happens to dog food when it’s cooked at the very high temperatures needed to produce dry food (a process known as extrusion).

    • Our food vs. canned wet food.

      We wouldn’t really fancy eating canned food every day with a shelf life of up to a year. For that reason, we don’t think our furry friends should have to either. We believe fresh is best.

    Is Butternut Box “a complete” dog food? Do I need to supplement with vitamins?

    All of our meals are complete, meaning all our food delivers the recommended daily requirement of nutrients and vitamins. We create and develop our own recipes in partnership with doctors of animal nutrition. All of our meals are produced in the UK under our strict quality and safety standards.

    Is Butternut Box a pure raw diet?

    No. There is a lot of literature out there about the pros and cons of a pure raw food diet. Our view is that gently cooked food is best as this kills any harmful bacteria that may be present. Salmonella, parasites and nutritional imbalances are a major concern in a pure raw food diet. We think our meals look and taste a million times better too.

    Why use only human grade ingredients?

    We believe in only feeding our dogs something we would be happy to eat ourselves. Only what’s good enough for us is good enough for them. For that reason, we test all of our meals on humans first.

    Why we don’t use meat meal?

    The short answer – because it’s gross.

    The slightly longer and more scientific answer: meat meal is produced through a process of boiling animal parts that are left over after every useful part has been utilised by other food manufacturers and industries. It is then dried and ground into a fine powder. If the source animal is not specified, the general term 'meat meal' is used this means it can of originated from any animal. If it’s not fit for human consumption it’s not good enough for the Butternut Box Gang.

    Are all Butternut Box products natural?

    Yes, all of our meals are comprised of natural ingredients. We like getting back to the basics, finding ingredients from nature, not from labs or food processors. We do not use ANY chemical preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers. We will always add essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to ensure a complete and balanced food. Our promise to you is that sourcing the highest quality ingredients will always be our number one priority.

    Scared of allergens?

    There are no known allergens in any of our meals. If you want to talk in depth about your dog’s specific needs please give us a call or drop us an e-mail using the “contact us” tab above.

    What types of meat do we use?

    Our current menu contains chicken, beef, and turkey. We have more dishes in the pipeline and on the way soon.

    Where is our food made?

    All of our meals are produced at our kitchens here in the UK.

    Are we grain free?

    Yes, we use green lentils, a complex carbohydrate that is high in fibre.

    Is Butternut Box suitable for all life stages?

    All of our meals are suitable for puppies and adult dogs.

    How long does the food in each delivery last?

    Each week you will receive a box containing 7 meals which will last you for that week. We come and replenish weekly to keep the meals fresh and your fridge stocked.

    Where do I store the food and can I freeze the meals?

    Given we are the freshest food in town, you must store the meals in your fridge. You can of course freeze them too if you would like.

    How much shall I feed my dog?

    As a general guideline we have provided the following:

    Dog Size Weight Pouch Size
    Tiny 2-5kg 100-200g
    Small 5-12kg 200g-400g
    Medium 12-20kg 400g-600g
    Large 20-30kg 600-800g
    Giant 30-40kg 800-1000g

    Feeding guidelines vary depending on a dog's activity level, age, breed, environmental factors, neutered status and individual variation. The above guidelines are to be used as a general guide. If you would like to discuss more please contact us.

    How long does it take to transition my dog over to Butternut Box?

    We recommend a gradual transition over 7 days by mixing your dog’s current food with Butternut Box. Start off on day 1 with 20% of Butternut Box and increase from there.

    I have more than one dog but only received one portion per day?

    Unless you have specific order requirements, we look to combine both dogs’ daily pouches to stay eco-friendly and cut down on waste packaging.

    Will I notice a difference in my dog when feeding him Butternut Box?

    We have reports of extreme happy dances occurring before feeding. Seriously though, we are witnessing dogs thrive on our food. A few observed benefits; flatulence clearing up, skin issues subsiding, glossier coat, improved mood and increased levels of energy.

  • How it all works...

    How does it work?

    You start off by giving us some details about your dog. We lovingly prepare the meals. We then drop your Butternut Box off to you on a weekly basis, starting the following Tuesday.

    When do you deliver?

    We currently deliver on Sundays, through our delivery partner DPD. They offer us carbon neutral deliveries and a 99.98% delivery success ratio. You will receive a text/email when your order is dispatched, on the morning of delivery to advise of your time slot, and when the box has been delivered. Not going to be around? No problem. You will have the option to leave the box outside, with a neighbour, or in a safe place. Our boxes are chilled and insulated for 24 hours, so they can be left outside until you get home.

    In order to receive your Butternut Box the following Sunday, we need to have your order 5 days before. If for any reason Sunday delivery doesn't work for you, please drop us an email and we will try to work around your schedule.

    Can I pay with cash?

    We are a subscription-based service and in order to make things as seamless as possible, we only take payments online. How often you pay depends on which price plan you have chosen.

    How does your pricing work?

    It is very simple! There are 5 weekly box prices depending on the daily pouch size you choose for your dog.

    How can I add multiple dogs to my subscription and is there a discount?

    Again this is super simple. Just click through the “fetch” process and there will be an option to add additional dogs. Adding additional dogs is more economical as we are saving on packaging and are only delivering to you once. We are very transparent about this, so any questions give us a call and we can walk you through it.

    Can I amend, pause or cancel my subscription?

    Of course! If you want to change or amend your subscription at any time just drop us a line. We can amend serving sizes, flavour selections and delivery options at any time. If you go away on holiday we can put your deliveries on hold until you return or deliver to another address. We are here to make you feel the love.

    Is there an additional delivery charge?

    There are no surprises here. The price you see includes all delivery charges.

    Something is wrong with my order, what can I do?

    We are here to help. Just contact us and we will resolve any issue as soon as humanly possible!

    Are Butternut Box products available in store?

    No we are not! We are moving with the times and are a pure online shop. You won't find our food in the supermarket stored at room temperature and stacked next to the cleaning products!

    You are not delivering to my area yet, how do I order?

    We are rapidly expanding throughout the UK and will be with you shortly. Please contact us and leave us your details and we will notify you when we are in your area. Until then we will keep you updated with all of our content and social gatherings.

    Do you cater for the canine professions?

    Yes! We would love to hear from you if you are any or all of the following: vet, dog breeder, dog kennel/ shelter, dog trainer, dog sitter or dog walker.

    What is Butternut Box’s commitment to charity?

    We are committed to giving away a free meal to homeless and sheltered dogs in the UK for every new dog we have on board with us. This is just the start of our commitment to giving back and we will keep the whole community posted with our future initiatives and how to get involved.