Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

Read time: 2 mins

09 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


Everyone knows that “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, right? But without sounding too much like a bossy parent, there really is a lot to consider before getting a pup. It’s very easy to fall for the cute waggy tail or those big ‘puppy dog’ eyes, but have you considered the cost? It’s estimated to cost between £4,500-£13,000 over a pup’s lifetime, not including vet’s bills. You’ll also need to plan for what to do with your pup if you want to go on holiday and whether you have enough time to look after and walk them every day?

During the first few weeks with a new pup you’ll need to invest a lot of time, energy and patience in your new companion. Also, think about how you’ll feel about a muddy sofa or slobbery drool all over the kitchen floor or the chewed-up shoes? Have you got room for an adult dog in your car? Can you manage transport wise or will you be able to walk everywhere you need to with your dog?

All ok with that? Well, if you think you’re up for it, then think about some of a pup’s specific needs, can you offer them space to scamper about? Preferably a dog proof garden or failing that a nearby park? You’ll also need to provide a bed or crate for them to call their own along with a handful of other paraphernalia (see our blog ‘new puppy shopping list’). They’ll need water and nutritious food and as many tummy rubs as you can offer. Your new pup will also need at least one walk every day and can’t be left on their own all day whilst you’re out at work. Can you take your pup to work? Or can you get a dog walker or day care? 

Your pup will also need regular flea and worm treatment and depending on which breed you choose may also need regular grooming or clipping (another cost to consider). They’ll also need annual vaccinations and medical treatment. You’ll have to either budget for any unforeseen accidents or get good veterinary insurance cover for any mishaps.

And finally, think about the future and the lifespan of your chosen pup. It’s certainly a lifetimes commitment.

Resources: A fantastic website, giving you all the info you’ll need when buying a pup.