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Real Good Times

Our Story

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It all started with a farting dog.

Making Friends: How to Socialise your Puppy


Introducing your dog to the world at a young age is one of the best things to ensure they grow up happy. Read our guide on how to socialise your puppy.

The Biggest Breed Meet Ups in London

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Is there anything more joyful than a bunch of dogs running around living their best lives? We've rounded up the biggest doggy meetups in London.

Real Good Food

Putting our minds at ease about DCM and grain-free diets

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Co-founder, Dave, talks about a recent FDA report on grain-free diets for dogs and how Butternut plans to move forward with the facts.

The Butternut Customer Experience Recently

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A note to our customers from co-founder Kevin Glynn

Small Changes, Big Impact: Our Pouches

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A few words about our new pouches.

Real Good Podcast

Episode 4 - Dr Ciara Clarke

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Our wonderful in-house vets talks us through life before and since joining Team BB

Episode 3 - Oli Juste

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Lauren and Harry are super-duper excited to interview the wonderful Oli Juste about his life and work as a leading dog trainer and behaviourist in London

Episode 2 - Parks & Recreation feat. Hannah, Marketing Magician

This is the first of our #BBSquad episodes, where we interview Hannah from our Marketing Team after a chat about parks...