Gender Pay Gap Report


This report takes a look at the Gender Pay Gap at Butternut Box, covering a 12-month period including the snapshot date of April 5th 2022. The gender pay gap is the difference in men's and women’s average pay. It doesn’t compare the pay received by men and women for doing the same or equivalent work (that’s known as equal pay).


Our Squad

Our Squad is over 600 people working across the UK and Europe, including over 400 based out of our kitchen in Doncaster. This report covers the gender pay gap data for everyone based in the UK.

The Squad* (UK only) here at Butternut is made up of:

• 43.8% women

• 56.2% men

Squad members that do not identify with either gender have not been included in this report. We made this decision based on government guidance and individual preference.

Our Results

The results of the Gender Pay Gap can be either positive or negative figures.

• A positive percentage shows that women have lower pay or bonuses than men. 

• A negative percentage shows that men have lower pay or bonuses than women. 

We’re focussing on the mean pay gap in our report. It’s the best reflection of our pay gap, as we have more men in our upper hourly and lower hourly pay quarters, so the mean pay gap takes this distribution into account.

You can see this below.

 👉 Quick maths lesson recap: The mean represents the total of everyone’s hourly pay divided by the total number of squad members, which gives us an average hourly pay for both men and women.

Butternut Box mean gender pay gap

Our mean gender pay gap for everyone who works in the UK is 1.2%.  We will be reporting on this every year, to keep an eye on how we’re doing and work towards closing the gap altogether.

Our median gender pay gap for everyone who works in the UK is -1.5%. We’re pleased to be a lot lower than the ONS reported 2022 national average of 8.3%.

Mean: 1.2%

Median: -1.5%

Mean Bonus: -9.0%

Median Bonus: 3.7%

Quartiles represent the pay rates from the lowest to the highest for our employees, split into four equal-sized groups. These graphs show the percentage of men and women in each quartile.

Percentage of men and women in each pay quarter

Bonuses include any additional payments made within the 12-month period, like a referral bonus. 

Percentage of men and women who received bonus pay

What Happens Next?

We’ll keep doing everything we can to make everyone at Butternut Box feel equal. That includes everything from reviewing our hiring principles to developing a robust compensation strategy and promotion processes. 

Gender Pay Gap declaration