Is Butternut Box Suitable for Puppies?

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30 Jun 2020

You can recommend Butternut Box as an All Life Stages food to your patients. This means that it has been carefully formulated by our team of expert vet nutritionists for all dog ages and breeds.

Our protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus content has been formulated to support all dogs from puppy to adulthood. Ca:P ratios are carefully balanced and sit between 1:1.3 to 1:1.6.

Calories are calculated according to their breed, age, weight and body condition to ensure steady growth and maintenance of an ideal body weight.

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Them bones them bones. They don’t need too much Calcium!

Like overfeeding, excessive dietary calcium has also been shown to increase the risk of skeletal disease in large breed puppies. That’s because puppies can have trouble regulating how much calcium is absorbed from their intestine. And that’s not all. Feeding too little calcium can also lead to problems. That’s why it’s so important to feed, a dog food that contains the correct balance of calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus and zinc.

Large Breed Puppies, Bone Disease and Diet

Contrary to popular believe, no evidence exists to link high protein intake to bone and joint disease in large breed dogs. In fact, protein is extremely beneficial: it supports the immune system and the central nervous system, helps build lean muscle, and is required for good skin and coat health.