Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

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31 Mar 2023

There’s no argument that pineapple is good for humans, but there is some controversy about whether or not it should feature on a pizza. It’s a delicious sweet treat that’s perfect for getting you into a sunshiny mood (especially when it gets the colada treatment).

You might find yourself wondering if pineapple is suitable for dogs to eat. We’re here to give you all the need-to-know facts. 

Is Pineapple Safe for Dogs?

Yes, in controlled quantities pineapple is the perfect snack for dogs.

It’s actually a really healthy and drool-worthy snack for them, but there are some things you need to bear in mind if you feed it to your pup. 

Is Pineapple Good for Dogs?

Pineapple is good for us. Each juicy ring is packed full of nutrients – it’s like the exotic multivitamin we never knew we could have. And it’s just as good for your dog, too.

As a healthy treat, ripe, raw pineapple contains loads of vitamin C as well as riboflavin, vitamin B6 and folate. Not to mention the iron, zinc and other valuable minerals in each chunk of tender yellow flesh.

All of these are really important for your pooch – reduced inflammation and regulated energy are just a few of the benefits. These are essential for your pup’s body and health, so whip out the pineapple and let’s all have a summery snack.

How To Feed Pineapple to Dogs

When it comes to pineapple, fresh is definitely best

The canned variety, even if it comes in juice rather than syrup, can pile the sugar onto a fruit that's already naturally sweet, and that way chubbiness lies. 

So reach for the fresh fruit, chop it into chunks and pop these into the freezer. On hot summer days when your furry friend's panting in the shade and eyeing up your ice cream, they'll appreciate some refreshing iced pineapple chunks.

In the same way as you would when introducing any new food, when feeding pineapple take it slow. If you see any adverse reactions, you might need to find a different fruity snack.

How Much Pineapple Should I Feed My Dog?

Of course (apologies for pooping the party), there is one thing you have to remember if you’re passing out the pineapple: everything in moderation. 

This spiky fruit is really tasty, but it’s also very sweet, acidic and fibrous. This abundance of natural sugars and additional fibre can lead to an upset tum, especially if your pooch isn't used to eating fruit. Too much can lead to digestive issues like diarrhoea and vomiting.

So when it comes to feeding pineapple, keep it treat-sized and not too often. A couple of small squares is a good starting point. 

Can Dogs Have Pineapple Juice?

We would not recommend feeding your dog pineapple juice.

Although it is unlikely to be harmful in small amounts, pineapple juice contains a lot of sugar. This can contribute to digestive issues and obesity in dogs, both of which are bad news. The acidic properties of pineapple juice can also cause damage to the stomach lining.

Fruit is best given to dogs in its fresh form, alongside plenty of fresh drinking water. 

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple Skin?


Definitely avoid letting your dog eat any of the tough pineapple skin or core. They’re really difficult to digest and can cause painful obstructions in their bowels. Plus, the prickles on the skin could hurt a pup's mouth, tongue and lips. 

Does Pineapple Stop Dogs From Eating Poop?

There is some evidence to suggest that giving dogs pineapple can reduce their likelihood to eat poop. This is due to an enzyme found in pineapple called bromelain, which breaks down proteins and makes poop less appealing to dogs. 

Whilst it’s not an official cure, there’s no harm in giving it a whirl. We would just recommend being careful with the amount, too much pineapple can cause more harm than good.

Will My Dog Like Pineapple?

Every dog is different, with their own particular likes and dislikes. So if they turn up their nose at pineapple, try melon or mango instead. There's bound to be something from the tropics to tempt them. 

What Other Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

As much as we all might love pineapples, variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. So, what other fruits can you feed your dog as part of a healthy diet? According to the PDSA, the following fruits are pooch-safe:

• Apples


• Blueberries

• Cranberries

• Oranges

• Mango

• Melon

• Peach

• Pears

• Strawberries

• Watermelon

You should ensure to remove any rind, stones, pits, cores or seeds from all of the above fruits.