Best Food for Cavapoo

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21 Dec 2019

You’ve welcomed a new furry friend into your life and you want the best possible nutrition for them to ensure that they are happy and healthy. We get it, that's why we're here to help you make all the right decisions.

Based on our current customers, we estimate that adult Cavapoos need around 366 calories per day. This can vary based on your pooch’s age, weight and activity level.

For an exact number, you'll need to tell us a few things about your pooch so that our super smart algorithm can work it out.

What is a Cavapoo?

Cavapoos or Cavoodles – whichever you prefer to call them – are what happens when a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Mini or Toy Poodle meet. These ultra-fluffy pups are full of fun, easy to train and affectionate. They're so irresistibly adorable it's almost impossible to walk down the street without half a dozen strangers stopping to ask for a cuddle. With your dog, that is, not you.

Being a cross-breed doesn't make Cavapoos immune to genetic issues. They can suffer from the same problems, such as wobbly knees and arthritis, that pure-bred Poodles and Cavaliers might develop. And with their small stature, chubbiness is known to creep up on them. One sure-fire way to keep them as fit as a fiddle is making sure they're getting the right nourishment at mealtimes.

Do Cavapoos Shed?

Whether or not a Cavapoo will shed fur is dependent on which parent they inherit their coat from. Poodles are a low-shedding, allergy-friendly breed. On the other hand, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are higher-shedders, meaning that they are not hypoallergenic. Generally speaking though, Cavapoos are known to shed very little.

It’s useful to note that no dog breed is considered 100% hypoallergenic, whilst some breeds are regarded as non-shedding, they will still produce dander (dead skin cells) which can also trigger allergy symptoms. 

There are a few things you can do to minimise the effects of shedding from your Cavapoo:

• Feed your pooch a high-quality food rich in protein and veg

• Maintain a regular brushing schedule

• Schedule a professional groom every few weeks

• Hoover regularly

• Train your pooch to stay off the furniture / stay out of certain rooms

• Make lint rollers your best friend - they will change your existence

How Big Do Cavapoos Get?

Due to their delightful mix of Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Cavapoo can, in theory, grow up to be any size between the two breeds.

According to We Love Doodles, an adult Cavapoo will weigh between 10 to 20 pounds and stand at around 9 to 14 inches tall. This can vary depending not only on their parent genes but also gender, diet and exercise level.

Typically, a Cavapoo puppy is bred using a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. However, there are some variations that can be bred with a standard size Poodle and this will produce much larger offspring that is likely to exceed 20 pounds and 14 inches tall.

Cavapoos generally stop growing at around 12 months, with the majority of their growth period happening in the first six months of their life. You can usually have a good indication of how big they’re going to grow from six months onwards. 

How Much is a Cavapoo?

Cavapoos are fast becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. According to Pets4Homes, they are the second most popular deliberate cross-breed and 20th most popular breed overall. Because of this increased popularity and demand, breeders are able to charge more for a Cavapoo pup.

Based on research they conducted in 2022, the average price for a Cavapoo was estimated to be £1,637.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you’re buying your pup from a reputable breeder or rescue centre. This will ensure that your dog has been bred and cared for in the right circumstances.

A sound woof of advice from us, if it seems too good to be true it’s likely that it is. A dog is a huge investment in time, money and love, so make sure that you take the time to do plenty of research before making any decisions.

As well as the cost to purchase a Cavapoo, it is impawtent to be mindful of the other expenses involved when bringing a pooch into your life:

• Vaccines / Flea and Worming Treatments (first dosage and boosters)

• Neutering / Spaying (usually from 6 months onwards)

• Equipment (collar, harness, lead, bed, bowls, brushes, poo bags, toys)

• Food

• Insurance

• Daycare / Boarding  

Butternut Box is Perfect for Cavapoos

Protein is the building block of muscles, so if your dog likes a lot of exercise you'll want to feed them a food that's protein-packed. On the whole, Cavapoos have lots of energy, much of which they like to direct towards boisterous play. Never happier than when they're chasing a ball or meeting new pals in the park, Cavapoos make fun-loving family members who will never say no to a game.

Do you really know what's in your dog's food? Often checking the label won't give you direct answers, as, legally, pet food labels only have to list ingredients by category. They can sometimes read "meat and meat derivatives, cereals, oils and fats" rather than letting you know exactly what has been used. And, because commercial dog foods can spend a long time on the shelves, they usually contain preservatives to keep them fresh.

With Butternut Box meals, you know precisely what you're feeding your dog as we're proud to show off all our ingredients that appear on our menu. We'll tell you what type of meat we use, which kind of vegetables are in there and we also include the natural flavourings we use, like herbs and brewer's yeast. Everything we cook with can be picked up from a supermarket or health food store – no lab required, just a good old-fashioned kitchen.

For peace of mind, just check out our ingredients: Gobble Gobble Turkey has rosemary to season, and our Wham Bam Lamb is stuffed with veg. We can tell you exactly how delicious it is – we've tasted it ourselves.

How Much Will it Cost to Feed My Cavapoo Butternut Box?

We estimate that it will cost around £55 each month to feed your Cavapoo a diet of Butternut Box food. This is based on data from our current customers and can vary depending on things like age, weight and activity level.

We generally recommend dividing this into two meals, morning and evening, to help sustain your pooch throughout the day.

Want an exact price and plan? Answer a few short questions about your pooch by clicking the Build Your Box button below.