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Best Food for Chihuahuas

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30 Sep 2020

Chihuahuas are proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. They’re one of the world’s smallest dog breeds, but they’re incredibly loyal and fiercely devoted to their humans. It makes them excellent furry friends, no matter whether their personality is shy or boisterous.

These pocket-sized pooches are well-known for loving the attention of their pet parents, and vice versa. But just because they’re really active or irresistibly adorable, doesn’t mean they need that extra treat.

Overfeeding a Chihuahua is easy to do. They only need small portions, which pet parents can sometimes think are too small. But with an eye on their diet and enough exercise, they can stay trim.

Chihuahua Feeding Guide 

Chihuahuas are a toy dog breed – they have really small bodies and tiny stomachs. This makes it quite hard as a pet parent to know exactly how much to feed them. For example, one regular shop-bought portion of dog food might be fine for a Bulldog or Labrador, but for your mini pooch it could be enough for two or even three meals.

While getting a bit chunky is a common problem in older Chihuahuas, younger pooches are more prone to illnesses like hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia in Chihuahua pups is when their blood-sugar levels are unregulated – they don’t have the fat stores to absorb a lot of sugar and their liver isn’t developed enough to manage.

It basically means they might not have enough stamina to fuel their growth while staying healthy and happy. To avoid this, the best thing to do is make sure you’re feeding your pooch freshly-prepared, energy-rich food right from the start.

Based on our current customers, we estimate that adult Chihuahuas need around 188 calories per day. This can vary based on your pooch’s age, weight and activity level.

Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?

It can be really upsetting to see your pooch shaking. You can cover them with blankets and give them all the comfort in the world, yet they’re still quaking in their (dog) boots. It’s not necessarily something to worry about and there are a number of reasons why this could be the case.

They’re cold. This can be solved by ensuring that they are well wrapped-up in the colder months, as well as providing them with lots of cuddles.

• They’re excited. Sometimes life is just too exciting for these sensitive little souls and as a result all of the adrenaline can send them into overdrive.

• They’re anxious or scared. Whilst we hope this isn’t the case, shaking can be a flight or fight response in Chihuahuas.

They have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). If you suspect this could be the case it is important to consult your vet so that it can be dealt with appropriately. Other symptoms include lethargy, low appetite and seizures. 

Do Chihuahuas Shed?

Yes, Chihuahuas shed fur.

Shedding does not differ between shorter and longer haired Chihuahuas, they will both shed the same amount. This amount is fairly low, but will occur all year-round. Their double coat also means that they will shed slightly more around Spring and Autumn, as their body prepares to adjust to changing temperatures. For this reason they are not regarded as hypoallergenic or suitable for allergy sufferers.

It’s useful to note that no dog breed is considered 100% hypoallergenic, whilst some breeds are regarded as non-shedding, they will still produce dander (dead skin cells) which can also trigger allergy symptoms. 

There are a few things you can do to minimise the effects of shedding from your Chihuahua:

• Feed your pooch a high-quality food rich in protein sources and veg

• Maintain a regular brushing schedule, every few days should do the trick

• Keep them feeling calm, stress and fear can cause more shedding

• Hoover regularly

• Train your pooch to stay off the furniture / stay out of certain rooms

• Make lint rollers your best friend - they will change your entire existence

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive?

Chihuahuas are often referred to as having little dog syndrome due to their occasional aggressive episodes. However, it’s worth noting that this is often a result of protecting their owners and their territory, as opposed to random aggression. A rebel with cause, shall we say.

This is not to say that they wouldn’t be suitable for a family home. With careful training and socialisation they can make for a pawfect family member that will bark at any intruders (with little effect, but they try). 

How Much are Chihuahuas?

According to research conducted by Pets4Homes UK as of 2022, the average cost of purchasing a Chihuahua is £1,010.

There are 7 types of Chihuahuas including: Short-Haired, Long-Haired, Apple Head, Pear Head, Deer Head, Teacup/Mini and Fawn.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you’re buying your pup from a reputable breeder or rescue centre. This will ensure that your dog has been bred and cared for in the right circumstances.

A sound woof of advice from us, if it seems too good to be true it’s likely that it is. A dog is a huge investment in time, money and love, so make sure that you take the time to do plenty of research before making any decisions.

As well as the cost to purchase a Chihuahua, it is impawtent to be mindful of the other expenses involved when bringing a pooch into your life.

• Vaccines / Flea and Worming Treatments (first dosage and boosters)

• Neutering / Spaying (usually from 6 months onwards)

• Equipment (collar, harness, lead, bed, bowls, brushes, poo bags, toys)

• Food

• Insurance

• Daycare / Boarding 

Butternut Box is Perfect for Chihuahuas

In addition to their need for slow-release carbs, active Chihuahuas need the fuel of a protein-packed diet full of meat. The thing is, without getting out your magnifying glass and reading ingredient lists that are even tinier than your pooch, you can’t be sure how much meat is in a regular pouch of dog food. This means buying the right food and ensuring you're hitting the perfect nutritional balance could easily turn into a time-consuming (and eye-straining) prospect.

With Butternut Box meals, you can stop squinting. Our recipes contain carefully selected ingredients like human-quality meat, delicious vegetables, lentils, vitamins, minerals and absolutely no nasties. So you can be confident that they are fresh and filled with drool-inducing ingredients that are cooked exactly as you would at home.

Of course, tastiness is important for iron-willed Chihuahuas – they're renowned for digging in their heels and turning up their noses if they don't fancy their dinner. We've personally tasted all of our recipes (and you could, too, if you like), so we know they're delicious enough to tempt even the pickiest pooch.

Paws up who fancies a drool-worthy meal full of the right nutrients, calories and ingredients to keep their petite, yet mighty stature pawfect?

Our Butternut Box meal plans are customised for your pup and approved by our expert nutritionists. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your Chihuahua’s health, weight and activity levels, and we’ll deliver perfectly portioned, Chihuahua-ready meals of the right calorific value direct to your door. It’s quick, easy and fits right into your routine.

How Much Will it Cost to Feed My Chihuahua Butternut Box?

We estimate that it will cost around £44 each month to feed your Chihuahua a diet of Butternut Box food. This is based on data from our current customers and can vary depending on things like age, weight and activity level.

We generally recommend dividing this into two meals per day, morning and evening, to help sustain your pooch throughout the day.

Want an exact price and plan? Answer just a few more short questions by clicking the Build Your Box button below.