12 Foods That Are Dangerous to Puppies

Read time: 2 mins

08 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


It’s not only the infamous Labrador pup that will literally eat anything and ask questions later (oh, wasn’t that sock/ pair of pants/ face mask edible?) Your new puppy will be exploring everything in their new home, and that includes anything that they can get their paws into in your kitchen. A curious puppy nose will sniff out anything that they think is edible, and devour it before you can say, “no, that’s my gluten free chia seed muffin.”  So, making sure that your kitchen cupboards are pup-proof is something to check before your new buddy arrives. 

The same goes for making sure that your kitchen bin’s lid is the secure kind and that any medications are always well out of reach. And lastly, don’t leave tempting tit bits around on plates or worktops within paw reach. All these measures will hopefully mean that your pup is unlikely to be eating something that they shouldn’t, and won’t end up getting poorly (or can we say paw-ly?)

Even if you’ve secured your kitchen like Fort Knox, you may not be aware that the following foods are no-goes for pups: 

  • Chocolate – All types of chocolate are highly dangerous for pups as it contains a stimulant called Theobromine that is toxic to them.

  • Cooked bones. These are dangerous because they will easily splinter as your pup chews them and the very sharp fragments of bone can pierce their intestines.

  • Grapes and raisins, sultanas and dried fruit – these can cause a toxic reaction (due to a mould they can contain). Remember this also applies to Christmas cakes, hot cross buns, fruit cake etc.

  • Apple pips – you can give your pup apple but you do need to remove the core and seeds first..

  • Avocado – These should never be given to your pup as they contain persin which is a substance that is poisonous for dogs.

  • Corn on the Cob – If this gets stuck in your pup’s digestive system it could make them very ill as it can cause a blockage.

  • Garlic - It’s not recommended to give garlic to puppies due to potential toxicity.

  • Nuts, including Macadamia nuts –as the shells can irritate your pup’s digestive tract and swallowing whole nuts is a potential choking hazard. Macadamia nuts are actually toxic for dogs.

  • Mushrooms – These can make your pup feel unwell.

  • Onions, leeks and chives, are not good for pups, causing stomach pain, sickness and diarrhoea.

  • Xylitol – This is an artificial sweetener now found in many human foods like yoghurts, biscuits and chewing gum and can cause your dog to become very ill. 

If you are concerned that your pup may have eaten any of the above foods and especially if they are showing any signs of illness, get them checked by your vet straight away.