Do Dogs Like Hugs?
Owner giving her dog a hug Owner giving her dog a hug

Do Dogs Like Hugs?


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31 Jan 2024

It can be so tempting to give our dogs a big bear hug as an expression of how much we love them. But, do dogs like it when you hug them?

Do Dogs Like Hugs?

Experts suggest that not all dogs enjoy being hugged. Dogs, much like us, have different personalities and preferences. Some pups may relish the warmth of a good cuddle, while others might find it stressful or uncomfortable. It's important to pay attention to your dog's body language to determine their comfort level. 

Signs of distress may include ears pinned back, licking lips, or avoiding eye contact.

Is It Good to Hug Your Dog?

Ensuring your dog feels secure and cherished is paramount. When contemplating whether to embrace your canine companion, it's essential to respect their personal space.

Dogs, being highly perceptive creatures, may interpret hugs differently based on their past experiences, personality, and overall comfort with physical contact.

Do Dogs Feel Love When You Hug Them?

The language of love for dogs goes beyond hugs. While some dogs may perceive hugs as a form of affection, others may express their love through different cues, such as wagging tails, licking, or leaning into your touch.

What Other Ways Can I Let My Dog Know That I Love Them?

Hugging may not be universally appreciated by all dogs, but thankfully there are countless other ways to communicate love and strengthen the bond with your pup. Understanding your dog's unique preferences and respecting their boundaries is key to building a strong bond.

Quality time

Spend quality time engaging in activities your dog enjoys, whether it's a brisk walk, a game of fetch, or simply lounging together. This promotes a connection based on shared experiences.

Treats and rewards

Reward your dog with tasty snacks during training sessions or just to show appreciation. Our delicious treat options ensure that every treat is a moment of joy and nourishment.

Gentle petting

While not all dogs may enjoy hugs, many appreciate gentle petting. Learn your dog's favourite spots for scratches, behind the ears are usually a winner, and create a positive association with physical contact.

Verbal affirmations

Dogs are highly responsive to tone and voice. Express your love through a soothing and cheerful tone when interacting with your pet. Positive reinforcement through verbal affirmations can go a long way in strengthening your bond.

Safe spaces

Provide a comfortable and secure space where your dog can retreat when they need some alone time. This ensures they feel safe and respected, contributing to a trusting relationship.