Do Dogs Like Music?
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Do Dogs Like Music?


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31 Jan 2024

Yes, dogs enjoy music. Certain genres, such as classical, can make them feel calm and relaxed, which is why it is often recommended to soothe distressed puppies.

Why Do Dogs Like Music?

Delving into the pooch melody mystery reveals that dogs, with their keen sense of hearing, are naturally drawn to the intricate tones and rhythms of music. Music creates a sensory experience for our four-legged friends, adding an emotional layer to their daily routine. Soothing tunes may alleviate anxiety, while lively beats inject energy into their playtime.

What Music Do Dogs Like?

While our furry friends may not have personalised playlists, research suggests that certain genres strike a chord with them. Classical music, with its slow tempos and simple melodies, has a calming effect. 

Additionally, reggae and soft rock seem to be favourites. Crafting a playlist for your pup can enhance their well-being, making their musical journey as unique as they are.

Is Loud Music Bad for Dogs?

It’s important to be mindful of volume when playing music for dogs. Their sensitive ears require consideration, and excessively loud music can be distressing. Ensuring a comfortable volume level contributes to a serene atmosphere for our pups, whether at home or while we're away.

How Can Music Help Dogs?

Music can serve as a calming influence for dogs. Soft, soothing melodies have the power to alleviate anxiety in our furry friends. Whether it's separation anxiety or general nervousness, a carefully curated playlist can create a tranquil atmosphere, offering comfort and reassurance.

Separation anxiety

Music can be soothing for dogs experiencing separation anxiety. Leaving on gentle, calming tunes can create a comforting atmosphere, providing a sense of companionship in your absence. It's like leaving a musical hug to alleviate their stress and make the separation more bearable.

Crate training 

Similar to the patience and consistency required for crate training, music plays a role in making the crate a positive and comforting space. Playing soft melodies while they're in their crate helps create positive associations, turning it into a safe haven rather than a confined space. It's about creating a harmonious environment that resonates with their sense of security.

Fireworks and loud noises

Just as we seek refuge in comforting surroundings, dogs often find solace in familiar sounds during loud events like fireworks. Playing calming music can help drown out the startling noises and provide a sense of normalcy. This distraction can make a significant difference in easing their anxiety during stressful situations, turning an otherwise anxiety-inducing experience into a more manageable one.