Best Dog Food for Labrador
Butternut Box fresh dog food is perfect for Labradors Butternut Box fresh dog food is perfect for Labradors

Best Dog Food for Labrador


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16 Jan 2024

The Labrador’s reputation as a food-lover is, let’s say, justified. It seems like some Labradors just don’t know when to stop eating, and there's science out there to back up that observation. 

A research team at the University of Cambridge discovered a genetic variation in a percentage of Labrador Retrievers that could explain why they like to eat. And eat. Then eat some more.

If you think your Lab is already looking a bit on the chubby side, it’s not the end of the world. There are lots of ways to get them back in shape: starting with maintaining a healthy routine. Giving your pup a more controlled diet and maybe a few more walks is a good start. In the long run, this could also reduce the risk of some of the more serious health problems associated with dog obesity.

How Much Food Do Labradors Need?

Based on current Butternut Box customers, we estimate that adult Labradors need around 953 calories per day. This can vary based on your pooch’s age, weight and activity level.

Because they're so loveable, it's hard to resist giving Labradors lots of treats. And because never in the history of ever has a Labrador said no to a treat, they can sometimes overeat. That's why these large pooches need plenty of regular exercise and adventure. It's also why you should be certain that they’re tucking into just the right amount of nutritious food.

How Often Should You Feed a Labrador?

Typically, adult Labradors are fed twice daily, but it's crucial to consider factors like age, activity level, and health when determining the ideal feeding frequency for your pooch.

A more frequent feeding schedule is often recommended for Labrador puppies, around three to four times a day, as they have higher energy needs for growth. As they mature, you can gradually transition to a standard twice-daily feeding routine.

For senior Labradors, their nutritional requirements may change, and it's essential to cater to their specific needs. Your vet can guide you in adjusting the feeding portions and selecting the appropriate ingredients to support their aging bodies.

Butternut Box is the Best Dog Food for Labradors

Here at Butternut Box, we know that every dog is different. That's why with our customised plans you can be sure that your pooch is getting the right nutrients and the correct amount of food every day. 

All you need to do is answer a few questions and we’ll put together the perfect plan for your Labrador. Then we’ll deliver your pup's meals straight to your door at a time that suits. There's no measuring, no worrying, just wagging tails all round.

We believe that dogs deserve better. Each of our meals contain at least 60% meat. Take our Chicken You Out meal for example, which contains 60% chicken (and loads of veg) to give your pooch a protein boost. To go the extra mile, all of our recipes are gently cooked just as you would at home.they’ve also been approved by our team of expert nutritionists and vets to make sure they're balanced, healthy and satisfying.

As we never add any funny stuff, you can be reassured by our list of simple ingredients. In fact, there’s nothing in there you couldn’t find in your local supermarket or health food shop. We think it’s the best dog food for Labradors. Paws down.

How Much Will it Cost to Feed My Labrador Butternut Box?

We estimate that it will cost around £70 each month to feed your Labrador a diet of Butternut Box food. This is based on data from our current customers and can vary depending on things like age, weight and activity level. We generally recommend dividing this into two meals per day, morning and evening, to help sustain your pooch throughout the day.

Want an exact price and plan? Answer just a few more short questions by clicking the button below.