Butternut Box food, treats and dog Butternut Box food, treats and dog

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02 Aug 2023

Are you a dog professional, passionate about feeding the good stuff? Do you currently or do you plan to talk to your clients about nutrition, and the benefits fresh food has on our dog's health and happiness?

If yes, then you're in the right place and we'd love to invite you to apply to our Butternut Box Ambassador Programme for dog professionals. We work with a network of dog trainers, behaviourists, vets, vet nurses, nutritionists, groomers and many more all on a mission to spread the word on fresh diets for dogs.

Perks of the Ambassador Programme


Exclusive discounts for your clients


An extra source of income from the referrals you make

Treats Discount

Exclusive access to 30% discount on our training treats, biscuits & biodegradable poo bags


Nutritional leaflets & educational information to share with your clients

Food Discount

If you are a Butternutter, 15% discount on your own dog's food when you have made 6 referrals


Join a community of over 1,000 like-minded, dog-loving people, and build your network of dog professionals


Invitation to our Butternut Box Ambassador Facebook group for exciting pre-launch updates & educational tidbits, and access to our annual Nutrition Webinar just for Ambassadors

Vet Nurse Helpline

Access to 24/7 Vet Nurse helpline for you and your pups


Dedicated Ambassador Programme Team

Giving back is at the heart of everything we do

One last thing - not every dog can be as lucky as a Butternut Box dog. For every new furry customer that signs up with us, we donate a much-needed meal to a less fortunate dog that’s found itself homeless or in a shelter.

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