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Best Food for Hungry Dogs

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14 Aug 2023

You've probably experienced it before – those big, pleading eyes, the incessant begging, and the unmistakable sound of a growling stomach. It's as if your dog is always on the verge of a hunger strike. But why do some dogs act like they're perpetually starving?

At Butternut Box, we understand the importance of providing the best nutrition for your furry friend. Fresh dog food, made with human-grade ingredients, can be a game-changer in addressing this common canine conundrum. But before we delve into why fresh dog food is the solution, let's explore the reasons behind your dog's insatiable hunger.

Why Does My Dog Always Act Like They're Starving?

It can be worrying when your dog seems to act like they're starving all the time. There can be various reasons behind this behaviour, and it's important to consider them to address your dog's needs properly.

Metabolism and activity level

Dogs with a high metabolism or those who are very active may burn calories quickly, leading to a genuine feeling of hunger. Puppies, for example, often have higher metabolisms and require more frequent meals.

Inadequate portion sizes

If your dog is not getting enough food during meal times, they may genuinely feel hungry. It's essential to ensure that you're providing an appropriate portion size based on your dog's size and activity level.

Begging behaviour

Dogs are experts at using their adorable charm to get what they want. If they've learned that begging results in treats or food scraps, they're more likely to display this behaviour regularly.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions, like diabetes, thyroid problems, or gastrointestinal issues, can cause increased hunger in dogs. If you suspect a medical issue, consult with your veterinarian.

Change in routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. A sudden change in their feeding routine or diet can sometimes lead to behavioural changes, including an increased desire for food.

Anxiety and stress

Dogs may turn to food for comfort when they are anxious or stressed. Addressing the underlying stressors can help alleviate this behaviour.

Lack of nutritionally-complete food

Low-quality or poorly balanced diets can leave your dog feeling unsatisfied, leading to constant hunger. Opting for high-quality, nutrient-rich food can make a significant difference.

How Do I Know If I’m Feeding My Dog Enough?

It's a question that plagues many dog owners – am I feeding my dog enough? The answer can be complex because it depends on various factors, including your dog's age, size, activity level, and metabolism.

Commercial dog food labels provide guidelines, but they are just that – guidelines. It's crucial to find a specialised dog food that is tailored to your dog's diet to their specific needs, taking into account their breed, age, weight and activity level, so you can be sure that they’re tummies are being sufficiently filled.

Hungry vs. Greedy Dogs

Not all dogs are created equal when it comes to their appetite. Some dogs are naturally more food-motivated than others. It's essential to distinguish between genuine hunger and simple greediness.

A hungry dog may show signs of distress, such as whining, pacing, or licking their lips. They'll eat their meals with gusto and often finish quickly. On the other hand, a greedy dog is more opportunistic. They'll scavenge for food, beg during meal times, and may even steal from the trash.

It's important to recognize these differences in behaviour, as addressing them requires different strategies.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Hungry All the Time?

If your dog seems hungry all the time, there are steps you can take to address this issue:

Portion control

Ensure you're feeding your dog an appropriate amount of food for their size and activity level. Avoid overfeeding, which can lead to excessive hunger.

Scheduled meals

Establish a consistent feeding schedule. This helps regulate your dog's appetite and prevents them from constantly feeling hungry.

High-quality nutrition

Opt for fresh dog food like Butternut Box. Fresh meals are rich in nutrients and satiating, which can help reduce hunger.

Treats in moderation

Be mindful of treat consumption. Excessive treats can add unnecessary calories and contribute to persistent hunger.

Consult a vet

If your dog's insatiable hunger persists, consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

Butternut Box Is Perfect for Hungry Dogs

Here at Butternut Box, we take pride in providing the best nutrition for dogs. Our fresh dog food is the perfect solution for hungry dogs, and here's why:

High-quality ingredients

We use only human-grade ingredients in our recipes. That means no fillers, additives, or preservatives. It's nutrition your dog can truly benefit from.

Gentle cooking process

Our meals are gently cooked to preserve the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. This ensures that your dog receives the maximum benefits from their food.

Personalised meal plans

We work with you to create a tailored meal plan for your dog. This takes into account their age, size, activity level, and any specific dietary requirements.


Our meals are delivered straight to your door, so you can say goodbye to last-minute trips to the pet store. It's fresh, hassle-free feeding for your hungry pup.