Insurance For Your Puppy

Read time: 2 mins

09 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


For peace of mind that you’ll be able to cover the vet’s fees if anything were to happen to your pup, insurance is a must. There are lots of different levels of cover and many different providers. So, it’s boring but important to do your homework and compare what various companies offer, so that you’ll get the best policy for your individual pup. Getting insurance cover as a pup, (rather than for an adult dog), usually means that there won’t be any exclusions for existing medical conditions – as hopefully your pup won’t have any! Read all the small print as policies they can vary a lot, for example, some will cover (expensive) prescription diets or dental treatment whilst others won’t. Find out whether your premium will increase if you make a claim? Find out whether there is a time or monetary limit for which they will cover ongoing conditions for? Many vet practices offer temporary, start-up cover for free when you have your pup vaccinated.

It’s worth checking that your chosen vet practice is happy claiming directly from an insurance provider, as otherwise you’ll have to settle up for care directly with them and then wait to get reimbursed yourself. Thankfully the vast majority of practices are experienced at making direct claims.

It’s a sad but true fact that dog theft is at an all-time high, so make sure that any insurance cover you choose covers the financial costs of advertising and helping you to trace missing pets. Comprehensive policies should also cover for third party liability in case your pup causes or is involved in an accident.

The take home messages are that the sooner you take out insurance the better and to take the time to choose the best one from the start as it’s tricky to change providers at a later stage.

Finally, as a responsible new pup parent, you should be aware that whenever your pup is out and about in a public place it’s a good idea for them to be wearing a collar with a tag with your name, address, postcode and telephone number on it. It’s also a legal requirement for them to be microchipped.  Both these measures will help you get reunited if the worst should happen. Finally, your pup will need to be on a lead whenever they are walked along beside a road, and for you to pick up after them. Just common sense and good manners really! 


Popular pet insurance policies are offered by Waggel, Pet Plan and Bought By Many.