Mealtime Tips for Pup Parents
Delila Delila

Mealtime Tips for Pup Parents


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24 Jan 2024

Having a positive association with mealtimes is a key part of making sure that your dog licks their bowl clean, unleashing all the benefits that fresh dog food has to offer. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Mealtime Checklist

Tip 1. Keep a Consistent Feeding Routine

This will help to ensure that you pup knows when it's time to chow down.

⏰ Feed meals at the same time everyday

🧸 Use their cozy, familiar spot for meals

💭 Let the food stay for 10-15 minutes, then store it until the next feast. This helps your dog to understand that options do not exist.

Tip 2. Allow Time for Mealtimes

🎉 Turn mealtimes into a joyful occasion, rather than simply a routine task. Bonus points if your pooch does the mealtime butt-wiggle. 

Tip 3. Trade the Traditional Bowl

🔥 Spice up mealtimes with interactive feeding toys, making eating a fun mental workout for your dog.

Tip 4. Show Some Love After Dinner

🏅 Shower your pup with attention praise when they finish their meal! It's like giving them a gold medal for doing exactly what you hoped for.