New Years Resolutions for Dogs New Years Resolutions for Dogs

New Years Resolutions for Dogs

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20 Dec 2023

As we approach the dawn of another year, it’s not just humans who contemplate new year's resolutions, our furry family members might have their own goals in mind. 

From making new friends to curbing some quirky habits, our beloved pooches are ready to head into 2024 with their tails wagging.

Make New Friends

Woof. Social butterflies at heart, many dogs enjoy expanding their furry friendship circle. Butt-sniffing, tail-wagging and play fighting are all on the agenda to forge lifelong bonds. After all, more pals means more playtime, so get ready to embrace tails of all sizes and extend a friendly paw.

Stop Staring at My Humans Whilst They’re Eating

Ah, the eternal struggle between irresistible smells and impeccable manners. Unfortunately, humans need a little space during mealtimes.

It’s time to master the art of patience by not gazing longingly at humans' dinner plates. Instead, reserving the best  'puppy-dog eyes' skills for treats during designated snack times.

Receive More Belly Rubs

Very few things beat the joy provided by belly rubs. Roll onto your back and look cute for guaranteed attention.

Stop Rolling in Poop at the Park

In the spirit of fewer unexpected bath times, perhaps a resolution to resist the temptation of rolling in mysterious scents is in order. Let’s see how long this one lasts. 

Give My Humans More Licks

Kisses are a dog's way of saying, "I woof you!" Aim to sprinkle more love and care into your human's life. Nothing says devotion like a slobbery, well-intentioned smooch.

Stop Drinking from Dirty Puddles

No more questionable slurps from muddy puddles. Yes, that tempting puddle might look refreshing, but perhaps opting for the clean water bowl at home would be a healthier choice.

Continue to Bark at Delivery Drivers

As loyal defenders of the home, barking at strangers is just a small but important part of the day job. Who needs neighbourhood watch when the pooch-police are on duty? Besides, those pesky delivery drivers need a reminder of who's boss. Woof away, valiant protectors.

Stop Distracting My Human Whilst They’re Trying to WFH

Let’s make it a resolution to lend a supportive paw without being the ultimate distraction. Maybe a designated snooze spot with treats and toys could help keep the productivity levels steady. 

Eat More Treats

It’s a ruff job, but someone's gotta do it. Eating more treats sounds like a good deal, especially Butternut Box treats.

Stop Stealing Socks

The sock bandits strike again. There’s only so much longer we can get away with the washing machine being blamed. Perhaps this year, let’s resist the sock-thief urge and instead, focus on a game of tug-of-war with a toy. 

Help with the Washing Up by Licking My Bowl Clean

In a bid to lend a paw around the house, a good place to start is by helping with the dishwashing. It’s time to thoroughly lick bowls clean and showcase your remarkable skills.

Tell My Friends About Butternut Box

Spread the good news. Share the joy of delicious, fresh meals with friends. After all, good food is meant to be shared, especially when it’s the finest fresh dog food from Butternut Box.