Introducing Pawgeous Dog Grooming Wipes
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Introducing: Pawgeous Dog Grooming Wipes

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05 Dec 2023

It seems to be the case that the more you try to keep your dog from splashing through every muddy puddle, the more they revel in doing so. Extra points to them if they do it right before a social event, one of the few occasions you actually need them to be squeaky clean.

Often, mud can be the least of your worries. A dog’s ability to get in the most precarious of situations whilst on a walk can leave us pet parents baffled.

Some of our favourite disastrous scenarios:

1. Deja Poo-p

You’re meeting Auntie Carole for lunch and daycare was at maximum capacity, so you’ve had to bring your pooch with you. But, Auntie Carole doesn’t like dogs…and this one thought it would be funny to roll in hedgehog poo moments earlier. Uh oh.

2. Not-so-clean escape

Your dog ate something that they shouldn’t have the night before. You thought you had avoided the consequences, then they decided to take a trip to runny-poo town. There’s only so much a poo bag can clean up. Other dog walkers pass by, looking at your failed attempt in horror.

3. Unchartered territory

You thought it would be a nice idea to take your dog to a new walking location. All is well, until you see it. A lake in the distance. Your dog hasn’t clocked it yet, but time is of the essence. Your dog locks eyes with you and stops dead. It’s too late. Off they shoot head first into the water. The smell of wet dog to follow for hours.

As pup parents, we are all familiar with the frustrating experience of trying to use a baby wipe to clean our pooches. Why are they so flimsy? Why do they break into a million pieces? All while failing to remove any dirt or smell…

Cue, Pawgeous Grooming wipes which can help to provide relief in all of the above scenarios and countless more.

All About Pawgeous

Pawgeous was inspired by a lovely Cockapoo called Lola, who loved nothing more than exploring on walks, which usually resulted in a very mucky pup indeed.

Lola’s pawrents struggled to find something which would help to give her a proper clean after their walk. Living in a city apartment meant that access to a garden hose was out of the question. Feeling frustrated with ineffective and flimsy baby wipes, they set out to create a product which would respond to the annoyances of pet parents alike. Our saviours, some might say.

What Makes These Grooming Wipes Different From The Rest?

Pawgeous grooming wipes are much larger than ordinary grooming wipes, meaning that they’re suitable to use on both pint-sized and larger-than-life pooches. They’re incredibly durable, which means no ripping or tearing during use.

That deserves a big round of appaws from us.

They’re not just effective, but kind to skin too. Formulated with naturally derived coconut oil and aloe vera, these wipes will leave your dog smelling incredible, whilst also giving them a moisture boost.

Suitable for full-body use, including fur, paws, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Staying true to their passion for protecting the environment, Pawgeous grooming wipes are plastic free and biodegradable, keeping the carbon paw footprint low.

Not Just for Dogs

We do admit that we’re a little… dog daft. However, it would be unfair of us not to shed light on the other four legged family members.

Pawgeous wipes are suitable to use on cats, too. Just like dogs, cats deserve better. The perfect alternative to a bath, to help support their self-grooming regime.

Butternut Box and Pawgeous

As a fresh dog food brand and a Certified B Corporation, here at Butternut Box we’re all about finding brands that align closely with us. That includes our focus on using natural ingredients and minimising our environmental impact. Pawgeous does just that.

That’s why we’re partnering with them to do a giveaway for some lucky winners. Our current customers will be in with the chance of being gifted a pack of Pawgeous wipes in one of their upcoming boxes. Be sure to keep an eye out. 

Shop Pawgeous

To get your paws on Pawgeous grooming wipes head to their website.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the wonderful Pawgeous team via email

Be sure to follow them on social media for incredibly cute content of Pawgeous wipes in action, or share your own success story.

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