How to care for your puppy

Read time: 2 mins

08 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


Get your pup used to having a good brush and check over every day – do it at a quiet time and keep your pup nice and calm whilst you do it. If it turns into a game, just stop and try again later.  


How about baths? You shouldn’t over-do it as you can end up stripping their coat of its natural oils leaving them with dry, itchy skin. You only really need to bath your pup if they’re muddy or filthy post walk or if they roll in fox poo, (yes, something every pup loves). 

You can give your pup their first bath once they’ve settled in with you for a few weeks, but of course you may need to do it sooner if muddy paws necessitate! Depending on their size you can bath your pup in a baby bath, a sink or your usual bath, or even outside under a hose in summer. Make the bath water lukewarm and use a lovely puppy wash such as one by Hownd or For All DogKind, (our faves here at Butternut Box), as these contain natural ingredients and will be gentle on your pup’s skin. Have everything you need ready before you put your pup in the bath and don’t forget you’ll need an extra towel for them to stand on afterwards. Massage them all over, (except for their head), with your chosen shampoo, and then rinse thoroughly.

You can use a regular towel to dry your pup but there’s also a luxurious range by Dogrobes that are extra absorbent and just the right size and shape for wrapping a pup in. Drying your pup off thoroughly is very important as leaving them damp can cause irritation to their coat and skin.

Teeth Brushing

Another important part of your pup’s routine ablutions will be to start getting them used to having their teeth brushed. Just a few seconds each day, building up to longer and always followed by a reward. You can begin with a finger brush and just gently rub this around the teeth and gums, using special pup toothpaste. It’s best to get your vet to show you the preferred technique for teeth brushing.

Nail Clipping

Another tip that will make having their nails clipped much easier when they are older is to get your pup used to having their feet and nails handled regularly. 

Trips to the Groomers

Finally, some breeds of pup will need regular trips to the grooming salon to have their coat trimmed or stripped (that’s for the wire haired amongst us). The best grooming salons are usually booked well in advance, so it’s wise to plan ahead. Groomers are often happy to clip nails and even express anal glands (if needed), otherwise these are things that can be done at the vets. To find a fully qualified groomer visit the Groomers Spotlight website.