What does perfect puppy poop look like?

Read time: 2 mins

08 Apr 2021

By Team Butternut Box


This is a question that our team at Butternut Box HQ get asked a lot!

Using our handy poop chart, you can see that a really good poop from your puppy will be around the 3 or 4 on our scoring, this is ‘corn on the cob’ to ‘Cumberland sausage’, firm and easy to pick up and not overly smelly.

Puppy poo guide

It’s not unusual however for pup-poop to be a bit variable and sometimes softer or sloppier than the ideal. This can be for a number of reasons, including worms or a tummy upset – so a check or chat with your vets wouldn’t go amiss if you’re worried. But it’s often just due to the changes in the digestive system that are happening as your pup gets used to their new home environment and their new food. (Or they may have eaten something that they shouldn’t have. Are your kitchen cupboards ‘pup proof’?) 

If on the other hand you notice that your pup’s poop is too much towards the firm end of the spectrum and they are having any problems passing it, then it may be a sign that your pup isn’t drinking enough or that they are constipated. So, double check that they have plenty of access to fresh water and show them where it is and again check with the vet if you have any concerns.

One guide to how perfect your pup’s poop is will be how easy it is to pick up. As a new pup parent your pockets will likely contain a few poo bags and you’ll be sure to know where all the poo bins are in your locality (there are never enough!) Here at Butternut Box we’re doing our bit for the planet and have developed 100% compostable, biodegradable poop bags made from corn starch. Why not add some to your next order?