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Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs

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09 Aug 2023

Throughout your dog's life, their needs will change. As a pup, your tiny ball of energy will need lots of stimulation to keep them entertained and lots of food to keep them growing. As your dog gets older and starts to slow down, they'll care less about chasing squirrels in the park and more about a delicious meal being served to them. You'll need to adjust with them and make sure they are getting everything they need in their senior years.

In this guide, we will explore what defines a senior dog, whether senior dog food is necessary, the healthiest options available, the debate on soft food, and how often to feed your beloved senior canine companion. We'll also highlight why Butternut Box is a perfect choice for senior dogs, offering tailored nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.

What Age is Considered a Senior Dog?

Seniority in dogs doesn't come with a one-size-fits-all age. The transition from adult to senior status depends on factors like breed and size. 

Smaller dog breeds tend to age more slowly, so they might not be considered seniors until around 10-12 years old. Larger breeds, on the other hand, are often considered seniors at the age of 7-8. It's essential to know your dog's breed and consult your veterinarian to determine when they enter their senior years.

Is Senior Dog Food Necessary?

Senior dogs often experience decreased metabolism, reduced activity levels, and potential health issues like joint problems or dental concerns. 

Sometimes, specialist senior dog food can be helpful as it is formulated to accommodate these changes by providing lower calorie content, easier-to-digest ingredients, and additional nutrients for joint and dental health.

However, if you opt for a high quality food that is rich in essential nutrients, it will be suitable for all life stages, from puppy to senior.

Butternut Box Food is Perfect for Senior Dogs

When searching for the healthiest dog food for your senior pet, it's crucial to consider ingredients, nutritional balance, and your dog's specific requirements. 

Fresh dog food, like Butternut Box, is an excellent choice for senior dogs. It is made using human-grade ingredients, gently cooked, and then frozen to lock in the goodness. No additives, preservatives, or fillers are used, ensuring a nutritionally balanced meal for your senior companion.

The veg that we add to our recipes are filled with healthy antioxidants which help protect against cellular ageing, and the healthy omegas in the cold-pressed linseed oil and ground flax will help keep joints supple too. A happy Butternutter = a happy life.

Butternut Box is perfect for seniors as it is perfectly portioned based on their age, weight, and activity level. This personalised approach ensures they receive the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight, without the risk of becoming underweight or overweight.

Is Soft Food Better for Old Dogs?

The debate over whether soft or dry food is better for senior dogs continues. Both types of food have their advantages. Soft or wet food can be easier for senior dogs to chew and digest, making it a good choice for those with dental problems or missing teeth. It also provides additional moisture, which can be beneficial for senior dogs who may not drink enough water.

It's essential to consider your dog's overall health and preferences. Some senior dogs may still enjoy dry kibble, especially if they have healthy teeth and gums. Ultimately, the decision between soft and dry food should be based on your senior dog's individual needs and what they enjoy eating. Butternut Box offers a variety of fresh, soft food options that can cater to your senior dog's preferences and dietary requirements.

How Often Should You Feed a Senior Dog?

Feeding frequency plays a crucial role in your senior dog's health. While the number of meals may vary depending on your dog's specific needs and activity level, most senior dogs thrive on two meals a day. This schedule helps maintain steady energy levels and can aid in digestion.

You should monitor your senior dog's weight and adjust their portion sizes accordingly. Senior dogs are more prone to weight gain, which can exacerbate joint problems and other health issues. Butternut Box's personalised portioning ensures that your senior dog receives the right amount of food, preventing overfeeding and helping them maintain a healthy weight.