The most unexpected crossbreeds

Read time: 2 mins

09 Jun 2021

By Lana, Customer Love


Crossbreeds are very popular choices for those looking to adopt a dog. They often come with the best traits from each parent pooch and make for pawfect companions. We've all heard of a Labradoodle and a Cockapoo, but have you heard of these less common crossbreeds?


This Chihuahua X American Pitbull mix makes for what is known as a Chipit aka a Pitchuahua. This pooch can vary in size from small to medium and can have either long or short hair, depending on the coat of the parent Chihuahua. Though its physicalities can vary, this pooch will always make for a great companion as they are friendly and love playing with children. We don't currently feed any Pitchuahuas, but if we did, they would likely need 400g of Butternut per day. Delicious.


This adorably named Beagle X Bulldog mix makes for a very popular crossbreed due to its appearance and kind nature. Like the Pithuahua, the appearance of a Beabull can vary, but most often they come with the Bulldog's characteristic underbite and wrinkles. This breed loves to play like a Beagle, yet they have the energy of a Bulldog. Though Beabulls are growing in popularity, they aren't part of the Butternut squad yet. If they were, they'd need 500g of Butternut per day. We wonder which recipe they'd like best.


Now, this is a whopper of a crossbreed: Great Dane X Mastiff. This breed is as loving as it is big, making it perfect for families. Like its parents, they have a soft, shiny coat (especially if they eat Butternut) and are generally low maintenance. It will come as no shock that if a Daniff was to be on a Butternut diet, they would need a whopping 1200g per day. Big belly, big heart, big Butternutter.


This hybrid hound has Dachshund X Shih Tzu blood, making one fluffy sausage. This mix is highly intelligent and friendly, making them great companions and great family dogs. They don't require a great deal of exercise and aren't too high maintenance. This uncommon crossbreed is yet to join the Butternut squad, but if one did, they would need about 200g of Butternut per day.


We currently feed 60 Siberian Husky X Pomeranian Butternutters, making them the most expected of our unexpected crossbreeds. These pooches are intelligent, playful and slightly stubborn (meaning they know which Butternut recipes they like and which they don't). They have silky, medium-length coats making them great cuddle partners. On our Butternut diet, they'd need about 300g per day.