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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

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19 Sep 2023

It's a common sight in households with dogs – the excitement that ensues when a squeaky toy makes its appearance. But, why do dogs love squeaky toys so much?

Are Squeaky Toys Good for Dogs?

Are squeaky toys actually good for our pooches? Well, the answer is a resounding yes, and here's why.

Physical exercise

Squeaky toys encourage physical activity. When a dog pounces on a squeaky toy, they engage their muscles, enhancing their overall fitness. Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining a dog's weight and joint health.

Mental stimulation

Just like our fresh dog food stimulates the mind with its delicious flavours, squeaky toys provide mental stimulation for dogs. The mystery of the squeak keeps them engaged, which is essential for their cognitive development.

Alleviating boredom

Dogs, much like humans, can experience boredom. This can lead to destructive behaviour. Squeaky toys offer an outlet for pent-up energy and keep your furry friend entertained, preventing them from getting into mischief.

Are Squeaky Toys Mentally Stimulating for Dogs?

Squeaky toys are an excellent way to achieve mental stimulation for your pup.

Problem solving

Dogs are natural problem solvers, and squeaky toys present them with a challenge. When they bite or squeeze the toy to make it squeak, they're solving a simple puzzle.

Reducing anxiety

Dogs, like us, can experience anxiety. The rhythmic squeaking sound can have a calming effect on some dogs, helping them manage their stress and anxiety.

What Does It Mean When Dogs Squeak Their Toys?

Understanding your dog's behaviour is essential for their well-being. When dogs squeak their toys, they're communicating something, and it's vital to decode their messages.


Most often, when a dog squeaks a toy, it's a sign of playfulness. They're excited and enjoying their time with their favourite toy, much like the joy they experience when they see their Butternut Box meal being prepared.


Dogs have an inherent prey drive, and squeaky toys can trigger this instinct. They might squeak their toys as if they're capturing prey. 

Seeking attention

Dogs are social animals, and squeaking a toy can be their way of seeking your attention. They want to share their fun with you.

Do Squeaky Toys Hurt Dogs' Ears?

Generally, squeaky toys should not hurt your dog's ears. However, low quality toys or excessive play could contribute to some discomfort.

Hearing sensitivity

Dogs have more acute hearing than humans. While the sound of a squeaky toy might be loud to us, it doesn't necessarily harm a dog's ears. However, if your dog seems bothered by the noise, it's a good idea to opt for quieter toys or limit their playtime with squeaky toys.


It's essential to supervise playtime with squeaky toys. This way, you can ensure that your dog doesn't become overly excited and potentially injure themselves.

Toy quality

Invest in high-quality squeaky toys that are designed with your dog's safety in mind.