The Biggest Breed Meet Ups in London

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13 Aug 2020

By Team Butternut


Our dogs are sociable animals and we all love seeing them run in the park with fellow hounds. While owning multiple dogs isn’t feasible for all of us living in the city, introducing our dogs to other canines is easy thanks to London’s fantastic social scene.

Has your dog ever met a nice dog on the train or the bus but been too shy to ask for their number? This needn’t be an issue because online dog groups and communities make it easy to meet dogs in London.

To keep up to date with and find new doggy meetups, it’s handy to have a Facebook and/or account. We’ve provided links to all of the relevant community groups for London. Some are open groups and other require you to request to join so you can be sure they’re selective about who gets to contribute to the pages.

Dachshund meetups in London

The number of British sausage dogs has more than doubled in the past decade. As a charismatic but pocket sized breed, it’s no wonder they’re such a popular choice as a canine companion in The Big Smoke. With such a strong Dachshund population, there are plenty of sausage meetups taking place:

Look out for Dachshund meetups on Facebook, Instagram and Some have even drawn attention from the press. Check out this ITV article for some seriously cute sausage spam!

Whippet and greyhound meetups in London

For updates on life as a greyhound in the British capital, give Gwen the Greyhound a follow on Facebook. And if you and your whippet or greyhound can get out of London for meetups, Surrey Sighthound Walking Groupis a useful page.

French bulldog meetups in London

If you and your Frenchie can get out of London for meetups, South West French Bulldogs UK is a useful page.

Chihuahua meetups in London

For Chihuahua meetups, your best option is probably Ladies with Leads. But keep an eye out for small dog breed meetups too.

Boston terrier meetups in London

Bulldog meetups in London

Pug meetups in London

Any Pug owners with friends in Surrey, could join Nonsuch Park Pugs Meet Up Cheam Surrey.

Schnauzer meetups in London

Pomeranian meetups in London

Corgi meetups in London

If you’re still after more Corgi Spam, follow Disapproving Corgis on Facebook. And for UK corgi meetups, search on here.

Shuba Inu meetups London

General dog meetups in London

Dog meetups in North London

Dog meetups in South London

Dog meetups in East London

Dog meetups in West London

West London Dog Family