Can my cross breed dog take part in shows?

Can My Cross Breed Dog Take Part in Shows?


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13 Aug 2020

By Team Butternut


You may have heard of big dog shows such as Crufts but these are examples of Pedigree Shows – what about the talented mixed breeds out there? When one beautiful breed meets another, you get the best of both — and the results are doggone fabulous.

What’s a companion dog show?

Companion Dog Show is the formal name for any dog shows which are licensed by the Kennel Club. They’re events which dogs can take part in regardless of their breed or pedigree. They used to be known as Exemption Dog Shows but we much prefer their new name! You can find out more about taking part in one on the Kennel Club’s website.

Best in show! Enter the scruffts...

Scruffts is the main national crossbreed show. Last year it attracted over 1,200 cross breeds and their owners! And six of these scruffts won a place at Crufts for the Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year final.

Do companion dog shows cover the same activities, skills and displays as pedigree shows?

The difference between Scruffs and something like Crufts is that Crufts is 100% based on breed standard looks and there are few activities involved. The emphasis is on fun and pride in your doggos but the competition also aims to promote responsible dog ownership.

What can your four-legged friends leave the ring with? As well as a wooftastic day out, they could be walking away with one of the following titles:

  • Most Handsome Crossbreed Dog

  • Winner of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme

  • Golden Oldie Crossbreed

  • Prettiest Crossbreed

  • Child’s Best Friend

  • Best Crossbreed Rescue

  • There are also competitions like agility, fly ball and freestyle dancing that are open to all breeds.

UK events - 2019

These competitions have become so popular that they’re popping up everywhere! So because we can’t list them all, here’s a small selection:

Linslade Companion Dog Show - 7th July

Cranleigh Companion Dog Show - 30th June

Keswick Scruffs Dog Show - 30th June

Just Dogs Live - 5-7th July

Kerswell Green Companion Dog Show - 25th August

Chalfont St Giles Companion Dog Show - 7th September

Paws in the Park Companion dog show - 14-15th September

There are often Fun Dog Competitions open to all breeds at many local fêtes and fairs too. So keep an eye out for events such as ‘best dressed’, ‘most like owner’, ‘best rescue’ and so on. Have a look at All About Dogs website for more information on 'Fun Dog Shows’.

What qualifies as a cross breed?

A mixed-breed dog (also known as a ‘mutt’) has undocumented or unknown parentage, whereas a crossbreed has known and usually purebred parents of two distinct breeds. An example of two cross-breeds are Cockapoos and Puggles - we’ll let you guess their heritage if you don’t know it already! Two examples of pure breeds are Labradors and French Bulldogs.

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