Best Dog Friendly Campervan Hire 2023

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08 Jun 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned campervan connoisseur, or a complete beginner, we have the perfect dog-friendly campervan hire recommendation for you.

Can You Take Dogs in Campervans?

Yes, dogs can join you on your travels in a campervan.

It can take a little while for dogs to get comfortable with travelling in campervans. Quirky Campers recommend trying to keep their routine as consistent to home-life as possible, including feeding times, walking times and their bedtime. 

Butternut Box Recommends: Quirky Campers

So you’ve decided that a campervan holiday with your dog is going to be your next adventure. The problem now is deciding which company you should use to make your dog-friendly campervan hire as special as possible.

Our team of trusted pet parents at Butternut Box recommend Quirky Campers. A family-run campervan rental company with a choice of 164 dog-friendly campervans, each lovingly handcrafted and unique, available for hire across the UK.

Our Favourite Picks


Take a trip to the Brighton seaside for a stay in Antares. This campervan is kitted out with everything you could possibly need, including air conditioning, oven, radio, audio inputs, fridge and stove. There’s even an outdoor shower to rinse off your pup after they made the fateful decision to go for a paddle, followed by a roll in the sand.

Quirky Campers campervan


Located in Perthshire, Tiree has been crafted by expert islanders. The pale blue and wooden interiors bring peace and tranquility to your trip. The sofa converts into a double bed, allowing plenty of room for two adults and their favourite furry pal to move around.

Tiree Quirky Campers


Head up north to Northumberland to experience the wonder of Forrest, aptly named after Forrest Gump. It is the ideal choice for a family campervan trip with a fixed double bed, an additional rock & roll bed, which folds flat to make a second double bed, and a third bed that converts from the front seats. The skylight means that you can all snuggle together and watch the stars as you fall asleep.

Quirky Campers campervan


Style and sophistication is the theme of the Casper campervan. Located in Taunton, this idyllic home with wheels is kitted out to fit two adults, one child and a furry family member. It has a state-of-the-art Victron electrical setup which will allow you to easily stream films onto the projector for the ultimate cinema experience. The delightful awning also allows for a spot of alfresco dining, assisted by a fridge and stove. 

Quirky Campers campervan


Boho vibes meet South Downs, the meringue campervan allows you to be totally off-grid. With its full-size German composting loo, solar panels and fitted Calor gas bottle, you can hit the open road and park up in the middle of nowhere.

It also has a Thule bike rack, suitable for three bikes so you can swap the driver's seat for a saddle at any time. For an extra-special added touch, all of the baking equipment you need to make a lemon meringue pie, together with a recipe card and vintage pie dish, can be found on board. 

Quirk Campers campervan

Quirky Campers have 74 additional options available for campervan hire UK, should you dare to leave your pup at home and risk the wrath of their passive aggressive side eye upon return.

Camp Quirky

Each year, Quirky Campers host one of the UK’s greenest campervan festivals, Camp Quirky. An entirely solar-powered event, this festival is an opportunity for Van-lifers, DIY-ers and campervan lovers alike to join together as a community.

Taking place over an entire weekend, there’s plenty going on. From live music and van conversion workshops, to kids areas and crafts. It’s fun for every member of the family, including your precious pooch. There’s even dog yoga and events for them to take part in, as well as designated walking areas to make sure that they’re truly dog-tired by the end of the day.

In 2022, Camp Quirky welcomed 1,200 campervans, 3,000 people and 500 dogs. Think of all those paw-tential pals for your pooch. And you, of course.

Quirky Campers- Camp Quirky

Do Dogs Need to be Restrained in a Campervan?

Yes, we would recommend restraining your dog in a campervan whilst you are on the move to keep them safe and secure.

Once you park up, your dog is free to roam around the campervan and treat it like their second home.

Check out our guide on How to Travel with a Dog in the Car for everything you need to keep your dog safe whilst driving.

Quirky Campers have some campervans available for hire that have crates readily built into them, such as the Archibald, if your dog is used to travelling this way. 

If your dog prefers to ride upfront, we get it. This can be done in certain campervans, such as the Bumble with three seats, but they should be secured with a harness and a seatbelt. 

Quirky Campers campervan

Can you Leave a Dog Alone in a Campervan?

Similarly to cars, we would not recommend leaving dogs unattended in campervans, especially when it’s hot outside.

In many ways, leaving a dog alone in a campervan is actually much more risky than in a car, given that there are additional hazards such as stoves and sinks.

If you’re going to rent a dog-friendly campervan, surely it’s because you want your pooch by your side at all times. However, if you need to go into places which are not dog-friendly whilst on the road, such as shops or petrol stations, we would recommend ensuring at least one person stays in the campervan with your pooch. If you’re travelling alone, try to use petrol stations with pay-at-pump facilities. 

Where Do Dogs Sleep in a Campervan?

This one is entirely up to you. Typically, this follows suit with the usual practice in your home. Whether your dog sleeps in a crate, bed or curled up next to you on the bed this can all be replicated in your home-from-home campervan.

A lot of dogs struggle to adjust to time spent away from home and may be slightly unsettled during their first night. To make the transition easier, we recommend bringing along their favourite blankets, toys and treats to reassure them.

Our calming Yonks Bar will work wonders for sending your dog into snoozeville. Made with soothing meadow milk and honey, it is designed to last for... well, yonks.

Can I Take My Dogs to Europe in a Campervan?

Yes, you can take dogs to Europe in a campervan.

However, there are quite a lot of rules and regulations surrounding their conditions of entry. Check out our guide on Travelling to Europe with Dogs by Car for everything you need to know.

Keeping Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

Travelling in vehicles whilst it’s hot can be extremely stressful for dogs and their wellbeing. The same rules apply to campervans as they do to cars, dogs should not be left alone.

The clever team over at Quirky Campers have put together some advice on how to keep campervans cool in hot temperatures.

• Choose a campervan with a roof and/or air conditioning, such as the Hanoi

• Use thermal blinds/screens to keep the sun out

• Use a cooling vest

• Do a pavement check before heading out for a walk

Checklist for Travelling with Your Dog

No judgement here if your dog’s bag is heavier than yours, we can relate. Many a jumper have been left behind to make room for our dogs' toys. They're happiness is totally worth risking a cold…

• Water bowl

• Food bowl

• Food (check out our guide on how to travel with Butternut Box)

• Collar / harness

• Lead

• Restraint / seat belt

• ID tag

• Reflective accessories for late night walks

• Bedding / blankets

• Toys

• Poo bags

• First aid essentials

• Medication

• Vet records / documentation (especially for travelling abroad)