Our products

When it comes to our products, we'll only ever make things that taste good and that help dogs keep living healthy and happy lives.


Our fresh meals

We take the best quality ingredients that we can find, gently cook them at 90 degrees, and quickly freeze them so that we can lock in the freshness without relying on any nasty preservatives.

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The biggest thing Boston terriers are known for is their farts and since Butternut Box we have never had a smelly fart in the house again.

Oscar’s pet parent, David

We would love to cook for your pooch. Tell us all about them, and we'll create their perfect plan.

Build your box

You can change your recipe selection anytime.


We make other exciting things too. Extra things, if you will. Our tasty Extras can be added to your plan anytime, once you've signed up.

Air-dried treats

No added sugar, no added salt, no bad stuff - no fuss. Just the best treats possible for dogs. Simple.

Our baked biscuits

We’re putting the good into baked goods with our Baked Biscuits. Each recipe is made using ingredients that support different areas of your dog’s body. Clever cookies.

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Alfie gets so excited when the Butternut Box turns up because he knows when I open it he’s going to get a fishy treat. He literally jumps around the kitchen.

Alfie’s pet parent, Lorraine

Add any of these tasty treats to your plan once you've signed up.

More Extras

Health and happiness doesn’t just stop at food, which is precisely why we make other things too, like our compostable poo bags. They're good for poo, and the planet too.

Butternut blue, compostable, plant-based poo bags on top of a white table.

Add any of our Extras to your plan once you've signed up.