How to keep your dog cool in summer

Read time: 2 mins

09 Jun 2021

By Lana, Customer Love


The UK isn't known for having the hottest summers, but that doesn't stop us from spending our days in beer gardens and picking out our favourite ice creams. Even if the sun isn't beaming, you have to make sure your pooch is nice and cool. Seen as neither of the above activities are dog-friendly, here are some tips on how to keep your pup cool in summer.

Stay hydrated

Our Butternut meals contain an average of 70% water, which helps with hydration, but you always need to provide water on top of this. Water is an essential part of your dog's diet anyway, but it is especially important when it's sunny. Keep your dog's water bowl topped up with fresh, cold water and encourage them to keep drinking. For walkies, you can bring your collapsible Butternut bowl around with you to make sure they are keeping their water levels topped up whilst on the move.

Adapt to a summer lifestyle

We all love a game of fetch and a big walk when the sun is shining, but these activities exert a lot of energy and so aren't always the best idea when it's very warm. Introduce new games that don't require a lot of running around, so that your pooch can keep as cool as possible. Try hiding some of their toys and letting them sniff them out, or place their toys in a paddling pool to encourage them to take a dip. If you are planning on going for a walk, time it around the temperature. Mornings and evenings will be a lot cooler and a lot more pleasant for you and your dog.

Stay protected

Bear in mind how hot the floor can get in the summertime. Sand and tarmac can really hurt your dog's paws, so be sure to check before stepping out. If the floor is too hot for your feet, it'll be too hot for your pooch. Taking the floor is lava to a whole other level. It is also good to note that some pooches may need sunscreen. Those with light fur or a thin coat can burn very easily. Not to fear, you can pick up special dog SPF from your local vet or pet store.

If your dog is overheating

If your pooch has had too much sun and is starting to overheat, take them into a shaded place with lots of damp towels for them to lay on. If your garden is shaded, you could leave them to cool off on the grass with some sprinklers on or with a paddling pool for them to use. You should look out for heavy panting, an increased pulse, extra salvation and even vomiting and diarrhoea as signs that your dog has sunstroke. If this happens, give them lots of water in a shaded area whilst applying wet towels to their skin. Always contact your vet if you think your dog needs medical attention.