Dog Food for Pancreatitis

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09 Dec 2019

It's natural to be upset when you find out your four-legged best pal has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. The scary-sounding name — which actually just means 'inflamed pancreas' — is a big part of why. But the condition is very common, and the good news is that most dogs make a full recovery after being treated by a vet. As well as taking your furry friend to the V.E.T, it’s wise to look into diet options including dog food for pancreatitis. One of the best ways to manage pancreatitis is through your dog's diet. This is because the pancreas is the organ that releases the enzymes that break down food during digestion. Attentive management is really important because pancreatitis can come back multiple times during a dog's life. So even if your pooch has recovered, you still need to keep a close eye on what they are eating. Here are some Butternut-approved tips on the best dog food for pancreatitis management.

Keep it low-fat

Fat can trigger the pancreas to release more enzymes, which can make the swelling worse. A high-fat diet is one of the causes of pancreatitis, so to manage the condition, it's best to feed your pooch low-fat food or opt for weight loss dog food . You can buy low-fat dog food in the shops, but often it still contains too much fat for dogs who have pancreatitis. If you want to buy off the shelf, it's better to ask your vet to recommend some special dog food designed for pancreatitis in dogs. The good news? Your furry family member may still be able to enjoy their tasty Butternut Box meals. We have six options with less than 6 per cent fat: Tuck In Chicken, Chicken You Out, Gobble Gobble Turkey, Plant Get Enough, Ready Steady Veggie & You've Got Game. When you're ordering your first box , we'll ask you a series of questions to help us suss out any special dietary requirements your dog might have, so it's easy to let us know that your dog needs a lower-fat diet. We'll then send you a selection of suitable meals to keep that meal plan nice and varied. Remember to always check with your vet to ensure we're suitable for your pup's condition and that they don't require a prescription diet.

Remember to always check with your vet to ensure we're suitable for your pup's condition and that they don't require a prescription diet.

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Easy on the tummy

Because pancreatitis in dogs is a digestive issue, it almost goes without saying that you should choose sensitive stomach dog food that is easy to digest. Some dogs have trouble with ingredients like wheat, corn and soy, so that's why these aren't added in any of our meals. Instead, these meals are packed with easy-to-digest, freshly-prepared veggies, like carrots, sweet potatoes, lentils, peas, and spinach. To stay fit, healthy and nourished, pooches with pancreatitis need plenty of protein in their diet. Some people might not know that for off-the-shelf dog food to be labelled as ‘with chicken’, it only needs to contain 4% chicken. Our meals – including our low-fat options – have a much higher meat content (usually up to 60%). Because we use freshly-prepared ingredients, they’re tasty as well as soothing on the tum.

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No additives or hidden nasties

You really want to make sure that your pup is getting all the nourishment they need. We believe that it's best to keep their diet as natural as possible while they recover, so look for all-natural foods that don't contain any weird chemicals, colourings, or flavourings that might trigger a reaction. At Butternut Box, we use freshly-prepared ingredients, so our meals are just like you'd make at home. We don't use anything that you couldn't find in your local supermarket or health shop. There are no confusing names, and certainly no nasties. Pancreatitis can be daunting at first, but once you know the right things to look out for in a meal, then it can be a lot easier to manage. Our Gobble Gobble Turkey and Chicken You Out recipes are really good places to start if you haven’t found something that works just yet. Fresh, protein-packed, and easy to digest — not to mention super tasty — they'll guarantee clean bowls and wagging tails.