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Episode 2 - Parks & Recreation feat. Hannah, Marketing Magician

Team BB, 2nd May 2018

Here it is - episode 2!

Three weeks ago we launched the Butternut Box Podcast, and we've been thrilled with the response. Thank you to everyone who's tuned in and subscribed so far!

In this episode, Lauren and Harry discuss the various options out there for spending a bit of quality time with your furry friend, from the traditional walk in the park to more unusual activities... Doga, anyone?

They then chat to Hannah, the first member of the #BBSquad to be interviewed on the podcast. She takes them through what a day looks like on Team Marketing, and explains how she got started with Butternut Box. She's famous in the office for her breed knowledge, and our hosts show no mercy in putting this to the test with - you guessed it - some more silly games.

If you have any questions for Lauren and Harry about anything they discuss during the episode, any thoughts or comments, you can email them on They'd love to hear from you!

A new episode of the BB Podcast will be released every three weeks. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever else you get your podcasts. You can simply hit the Play button below to listen here, too!


The Butternut Box Podcast is recorded in The Pod at White City Place

Produced by Fina Charleson

Music by Henry Carpenter

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