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An Explanation and An Apology

Kev & Dave, 10th January 2019

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Dear Customers (& Butternutters),

Kev and I just wanted to write a short note explaining some of the issues we have been facing that have unfortunately affected a large number of our deliveries since Christmas.

Being completely honest, we made a mistake in calculating how much food we would need to get us through the Christmas break, and we are currently in very short supply. This was down to a genuine human error, and one that is unfortunately affecting a great number of our customers as we get back ahead of things. This shortage has led to delays in customers receiving boxes, recipes being substituted, and odd pouch sizes being dispatched.

We hope that you know us to care deeply about providing great food and an even better service. As we work through this tricky period, we just want you to know that we certainly don't take our customers for granted, and it's so painful to be dropping below our usual standards. Please know that we are doing all that we can to fix things, and fix them fast.

Right now we have our kitchen working 24 hours a day to try and catch up, with all of our production team volunteering to work overtime to try and catch up. The office team is going to man the kitchen this weekend to ensure that we don't have to stop production until things are back to normal.

We hope to be back ahead of things by the end of next week, and we just want to say thanks for your patience and support while we work through this tricky time. Our Customer Love team are on-hand to chat through any issues you might have and resolve them asap.

As always, Kev and I are here to talk at any time. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused as we work through the next week or so. Thanks so much for sticking with us.

All the very best,


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