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The most delightful doggy apparel

Team Butternut, 13th November 2018

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You’re already here on the Butternut Blog, and if you’re familiar with what we do, you probably know a thing or two about treating your dog well. If your four-legged friend loves to chow down on a Butternut meal, they clearly have good taste, but if they know how to eat well, they should be able to dress well too.

You wouldn’t show up to dinner at The Ivy in a scruffy t-shirt, so when it comes to a Butternut meal, your dog should be rocking some sharp threads of their own. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best dog-friendly apparel out there. From sleek collars to jackets that’ll make their owners jealous, there are some seriously delightful elements to the world of dog-based fashion.


The collar is a pretty essential piece of four-legged apparel if we say so ourselves. Our dogs spend a lot of time wearing collars, so comfort and style are always important considerations to be made when dressing our pooches. Dogs have to wear their collars on a daily basis and fortunately, there are plenty of great brands out there offering some truly beautiful pieces for our pets.

For the regal pooch, Fetch & Follow have a truly beautiful range of real Italian leather collars that are sure to make your dog stand out on their next trip to the park. Beautifully embossed and finished with brass fittings, these are some of the most exquisite dog collars out there!

Of course, you also have the option for a collar with a bit more of a colour pop if your dog likes to draw attention with a little less subtlety. To stand out from the crowd, Hiro + Wolf have some absolutely brilliant collars with more off-the-wall and snazzy designs. Taking inspiration from Scotland to Peru, you’re sure to find a way to show off your dog’s eccentric side.

A collar wouldn’t be complete without a hip, modern tag to go with it. Growlees make some really cool tags for the discerning dog about town. Subtle, yet always eye-catching, Growlee tags are a favourite among the Butternut team. Alongside their own witty messages, you’re also free to design your own tag and give your dog’s outfit a much more personal touch!


If you have a smaller or less furry dog, you know the importance of giving them a coat to wear from time to time. Most dog jackets are simply utilitarian, they’ll keep them warm and snug, but you won’t necessarily have picked up the best looking item for your dog’s wardrobe. All that changes now! If there’s one place where form meets function in the world of doggy apparel, it’s in the ‘outerwear’.

There are plenty of luxury jacket designs that’ll make you jealous of your furry friend’s fashion chops. There’s a crazy amount of variation out there when you’re next deciding how to dress your dog for those chilly winter walks, whether you’re looking for the classic country look or modern chic from the only dog apparel company with a store in Harrods. There are even trench coats for dogs! Yep, courtesy of our friends over at Style Tails, your dog can flaunt their style in a real slice of British fashion heritage.


We love a bit of accessorising here at Butternut - if you’re a customer, you’ll be aware of our highly stylish bandanas - and we think good accessories are a great addition to an awesome canine outfit.

We have to hand it to Teddy Maximus here, their range of neckerchiefs and bow ties is pretty outstanding. Delightful pastels and luxury woollen scarves make up the bulk of their range and are guaranteed to have your dog feeling particularly classy.

Every dog walker knows that it’s not always fun and games and sometimes walking your dog is a bit of a dirty job. Fortunately, thanks to these gorgeous leather poop pouches you won’t have to sacrifice any style points when you’re cleaning up after your dog. Simply attach one of the 100% leather poop pouches to your dog’s collar or your own keyring and clean up in style!

The unexpected

Okay, luxury leather poop bags might have fallen into this category too, but there are some crazy pieces of apparel for dogs out there that you really wouldn’t expect to exist. From towelling robes (yep, doggy dressing gowns are a real thing) to knitted jumpers, your dog can look truly outstanding.

Let’s talk knitted jumpers. As it gets colder, we all love to nestle down into a comfy jumper in front of the fire. Now your dog can too! Wool and the Gang have recently released a pretty amazing pet collection where you can knit your own blanket or jumper for your dog. Warm, cosy and personal, we think it’s a great idea!

Now, robes for dogs might sound a tad over the top, but here us out. The lovely folks over at Dogrobes have come up with a great idea with their - you guessed it - dog robes. Simply slip on one of Dogrobes’ warm, comfy jackets after your dog’s got themselves all wet and watch as they warm up and get dry quicker than ever before. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them shaking off all that excess water over your walls and furniture. It’s a win-win.

Now they've dressed the part, it’s time to introduce your pooch to some seriously fine dining. If you’re looking high-quality organic dog food, you’re in the right place. So what are you waiting for? Build your first Butternut Box today!

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