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Unveiling Our New Pouches

Dave Nolan, 12th March 2019

Pouches blog post

Here at Butternut, we are always trying to do better, and for the last few months, we have been taking a second look at our pouches to see if we can improve the experience of feeding our food.

After receiving a lot of incredibly valuable feedback over the last year or so (from a few leaky pouches to taking up space in the freezer), we wanted to make it easier for our customers to open & store our food, whilst giving more information about the food itself on every pouch. Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts as to how we might improve!

The new pouches will be hitting people’s boxes this week (w/c 11th March). You will notice that we have new labels and designs with lots of information about our food on every single pouch. Our recipe names have changed (we hope you like them!), but it’s still the same, great food inside. At first, we will be sending out the new pouches to all of our customers who receive 400g per day and above, with the smaller pouch sizes being rolled out towards the end of March.

On every pouch, you will now be able to see a full breakdown of the ingredients inside. We have always printed this info on the box and on the website, but we have now brought it front and centre on the pack itself, just to make sure that it’s always easily accessible. We hope you like the updated designs and we feel like they are far more ‘on brand’ for us and the personality of Butternut.

We have also been doing some work on the shape and size of the pouches. The new shape of the pouches should make them even easier to stack in the fridge, and if you feed half a pouch per day, you should be able to open, feed and store open pouches much easier. We are still continuing work to improve our packaging, but we hope you like the update!

We welcome any feedback that you might have on our work to improve our meals. We really appreciate all of your support and kind feedback to get us this far. We will keep working to make Butternut better each week, and thanks so much for helping us along the journey.

A small update:

We started with the easy peel in the beginning when we started making these meals from our lovely brand new kitchen. However, we quickly realised that with this new set up a lot of the pouches were opening in the cooking process, as the easy peel part of the pouch just wasn't strong enough as we originally thought it was. This meant that we were wasting good food, which breaks our hearts. We had to change this to make sure that the pouches were making it through the cooking process, which does mean it isn't very 'easy peel' anymore. Please be assured we are looking into the potential to have the easy peel in the future but for now, this sadly isn't possible.

All the best,


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