What To Do With Woolcool

Read time: 2 mins

21 Apr 2021

By Lana, Customer Love


The WoolCool inside our boxes is perfect at keeping your pooch's tasty Butternut nice and cool. It's also recyclable, environmentally friendly and, according to your dog, great for ripping to shreds when you're not looking. If you didn't want to return the WoolCool, there are lots of weird and wacky ways for you to make use of these woolly wonders.

The great outdoors

During the colder months (which, let's face it, are 11 out of the 12 months in the UK), your outdoor plants may need a little help keeping cosy. Wrapping some WoolCool around them creates a barrier against frost, keeping them strong whilst providing a stylish scarf.

You can also use the wool as an insole to your boots or wellies, stopping your toes from dropping off and keeping the blisters at bay. Happy days.

Or, use it to pad out empty bird feeders, then spend your days watching the birds pick away at the wool. David Attenborough, eat your heart out. You can even use your WoolCool in a wormery. Niche, but nice.

Getting creative

Lots of us have taken up a new hobby over the past year. Some of our Butternutters have learnt a new language, improved their flexibility or become master bakers. There is no end to creativity and no time like the present to gain a new skill. You can stitch yourself a new scarf, pad out your winter coats with some WoolCool as a liner, needle stitch yourself a little woolly friend or create some decorations to hang around your home.

Be smart

WoolCool itself is a very clever thing: compostable, 100% natural and sustainable. The ingenuity does not stop there, however. Keep your laptop and other tech gear safe by wrapping a thin layer around your devices or by lining your bag with WoolCool.

Keeping it close to home

Keeping with the theme of wrapping up, you can roll your WoolCool up into tubes and lay them down as draught excluders throughout the house. Or, wrap some around your pipes to keep them from freezing over. If you need some extra comfort, you can plump up your pillows with WoolCool and pretend you've bought brand new ones (we won't tell).

If you wanted to share the comfort around, pets go wild for WoolCool: lay some out in your hamster's cage, add an extra blanket to your cat's bed or pimp your pooch's basket to make them feel like the Butternut royalty they are.

The possibilities are endless with WoolCool. Whatever you decide to do, we'd love to see your creations, and really appreciate you reusing the wool. Now you've got all this WoolCool inspiration, you've got yet another reason to be excited about your upcoming Butternut Box. Just when you thought delivery day couldn't get any better.