Butternut Box | Fresh Dog Food Delivery

Try the modern way to feed your dog

Human-quality ingredients

Gently cooked fresh food

Delivered to your door

What's fresh dog food?

Human-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked to create simple, tasty, and complete meals. All created with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for dogs of every age.

Gently cooked, never any nasties

We only use the very best human-quality ingredients we can find.

Fussy eater approved

A menu of mouth-watering meals to satisfy even the fussiest of pups.

Perfect portions to your door

We make it easy to feed your dog the fresh, healthy meals they deserve.

Changing the history of dog food

Just because it's 'always been that way', doesn't mean it should be. Here's some of the things you'll never find in our food.


That's additives, preservatives, or anything that lets food last for ages on the shelf. There's a reason ours is kept in the fridge.

"Mystery meats"

Some meat 'meals' can even contain bones. Not cool. We only use the best human-quality meat we can find, and taste-test to make sure they're top-notch.

"Brown balls"

This is a kibble-free zone. Only freshly-prepared, human-quality ingredients from here on out.

“Harsh temperatures”

We gently cook our meals at 90 degrees, before freezing to lock in the goodness. It's brrrrilliant.

How it all works

Cavalier Spaniel enjoying a hug.

Tell us about your dog

It takes 2 minutes, and we'll calculate your personalised plan and pricing.

Cavalier Spaniel posing with a bowl full of Butternut meal.

We cook their personalised plan

And we'll deliver it every few weeks to your door.

A butternut pouch being taken out of the fridge.

Your plan, your way

Change, pause or cancel anytime from your account.

Get started

What's on the menu?

How we're changing dog food for good

Pooches before profit

We donate to rescue dogs with each new sign up.

The human taste test

Making sure our food is good enough for dogs.

We genuinely love dogs

It might sound cheesy, but it's so very true.

Dog ready to dig in a bowl full of Butternut yumminess.

Not sure where to start?

Take 2 minutes to answer some questions and we'll create your dog's perfect plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

From pet parents

Butternut is fresh dog food. That means we gently cook all of our recipes to make sure that we get rid of any harmful bacteria whilst also preserving the high-quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in our carefully selected ingredients.
We also offer a range of healthy treats and biscuits.

Yes, our dog food comes as part of a subscription and is delivered to your door every few weeks. You are in full control over your account and can easily pause or cancel if you don’t need a box. Our friendly Customer Love team is also always on hand if you have any questions or need some help.

We freeze our meals to lock in all the fresh and natural goodness. Your tasty meals will arrive frozen in an insulated box - ready to pop into the freezer or to defrost in the fridge.

Absolutely. Each of our gently cooked recipes have been developed to make sure your puppy is getting everything he or she needs to grow happy and healthy. All of the freshly prepared meat that goes into our meals is high-quality protein, which is good news for growing muscles. Plus, because our fresh meals are made using human-quality, everyday ingredients, they are easy to digest - especially for ever-changing tummies that are starting to develop and grow.

Treats and biscuits are available in your account alongside our meals. You can add them to your subscription or order them as a one-off to your box.

We deliver to most of the UK and Ireland. If you would like to check if we deliver to your area, please contact our friendly Customer Love team.

From a dog

Yes. Yes you are. Now who wants a treat?

It was reported* in 1876 that Doug, an accountant from Norfolk, aimed to close the gap between human and dog behaviour. Butt sniffing was the second endeavour, after a game of catch on all fours. Needless to say, his colleague Phil wasn't impressed and the whole thing was quickly shut down.

*we read it on the back of an old supermarket receipt.

Only if you’ve brushed your teeth, cleaned your paws and promise not to hog all the covers.

That is... your tail. Nothing is following you, it's more that you are a leader. A chief, a commander and director. You are leading your tail. Continue with pride.

P.S - chasing your tail typically results in your human uploading a lengthy video that often goes viral*

*Viral = the human equivalent to a very popular urine covered tree

Star the dog lying upside down next to an empty bowl of Butternut.