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Dog nose in butternut food

"My three Border Terriers lick their bowls clean every time and I feel like I'm doing everything I can to promote their health and wellbeing and help them live to a ripe old age."

- Sarah Birch
Dachshund on butternut box

"I have had amazing feedback from my clients, noticing improvements in coats, general behaviour and stress levels. It has gone down great with fussy eaters and sensitive stomachs too."

- Oli Juste, Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

"As a dog trainer and behaviourist with a strong interest in health and nutrition I can recommend Butternut Box food for all dogs. It’s incredible quality in terms of ingredients and variety."

- Winkie Spiers, Behaviourist, Current Chair of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe)
Spaniel standing with butternut box

“We love the little touches and the extra treats that Butternut Box provide (for our dog and for us!), we love the food, we love the service and we love the people. We love Butternut Box.”

- Dan Clements
Dog with butternut food
French bulldog with butternut

"Too few people realise the impact of diet on behaviour. If they did, they’d be feeding Butternut Box! This is dog food made with genuine integrity. And my own dogs just love it."

- – Sarah Whitehead, Trainer & Behaviourist, Clever Dog Company
Spaniel with butternut
Dog eyes and butternut food

“Best of all the entire team are friendly, approachable, genuinely interested in dogs and always willing to go the extra mile. I wouldn't ever consider changing from this product, Max would never forgive me.”

– Ben Evans

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