Best Food for Boston Terriers
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Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers


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21 Dec 2019

Every dog breed is different, so choosing the ideal diet for your Boston Terrier is vital. As they have huge appetites, frequently sensitive stomachs and enjoy plenty of boisterous play, it's important to pick meals that take their needs into consideration.

Boston Terriers might be small, but they burn through energy like its nobody's business. These smart dogs love playing games, particularly any activity where they can test their agility. Their lively nature means they're constantly on the go, so a diet that's rich in high-quality protein can help support their strong and healthy muscles.

How Much Food Do Boston Terriers Need?

Based on our current customers, we estimate that adult Boston Terriers need around 401 calories per day. This can vary based on your pooch’s age, weight and activity level.

For an exact number, you'll need to tell us a few things about your pooch so that our super smart algorithm can work it out.

Foods Boston Terriers Shouldn’t Eat

Boston Terriers love their food and can easily put on weight if you don't keep a close eye on what they're tucking into. If you've ever lived with a Boston Terrier, and their farts, then you'll know these little dogs have pretty sensitive stomachs. Cutting out certain allergy-triggering food from their diet could be a good way to improve digestion and help clear the air. 

Foods you should avoid include:

• Corn

• Soy

• Onions

• Garlic

• Grapes

• Chocolate


Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Yes, Boston Terriers shed fur.

However, due to their short, smooth and single coat the amount of shedding is fairly low, but is consistent all year-round. For this reason they are not regarded as hypoallergenic or suitable for allergy sufferers.

It’s useful to note that no dog breed is considered 100% hypoallergenic, whilst some breeds are regarded as non-shedding, they will still produce dander (dead skin cells) which can also trigger allergy symptoms.


There are a few things you can do to minimise the effects of shedding from your Boston Terrier:

  • Feed them a high-quality food rich in protein sources and veg
  • Maintain a regular brushing schedule, every few days should do the trick
  • Hoover regularly
  • Train your pooch to stay off the furniture / stay out of certain rooms
  • Make lint rollers your best friend

Are Boston Terriers Cuddly?

Boston Terriers are an extremely affectionate breed that will need regular doses of cuddles. These bonding sessions don’t just benefit pups though. A strong connection with your pooch has been linked to alleviating the symptoms of some mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression and PTSD. As well as simply providing the pawfect company. 

Are Boston Terriers Expensive?

According to UK Pets, a Boston Terrier from a Kennel Club registered breeder can cost anywhere from £1,200 to £3,000. This can vary depending on the bloodline, colour markings and build.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you’re buying your pup from a reputable breeder or rescue centre. This will ensure that your dog has been bred and cared for in the right circumstances. A sound woof of advice from us, if it seems too good to be true, it’s likely that it is. A dog is a huge investment in time, money and love, so make sure that you take the time to do plenty of research before making any decisions.


As well as the cost to purchase a Boston Terrier, it is impawtent to be mindful of the other expenses involved when bringing a pooch into your life.

  • Vaccines / flea and worming treatments (first dosage and boosters)
  • Neutering / spaying (usually from 6 months onwards)
  • Equipment (collar, harness, lead, bed, bowls, brushes, poo bags, toys)
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Daycare / boarding  

Butternut Box is Perfect for Boston Terriers

While commercial dog foods contain meat, it's not always entirely transparent what kind of meat it is. It would make sense that a food labelled 'chicken' would be made with, well, chicken. But amazingly that might not be so. In fact, to be described as 'with chicken' dog food only has to contain 4% of that meat – the rest can come from pork, lamb, or other sources.

Butternut Box meals have a much higher meat content (up to 60% meat) and the meat that goes into our meals is actually what is listed on the label.

Take our Tuck in Chicken for example. It's made from freshly prepared chicken muscle with some liver for added goodness. We're so particular about avoiding cross-contamination, we take protein swabs from around our kitchen when we switch from one recipe to another. Which means lamb is never invited to the beef party, and vice versa.

While off-the-shelf dog foods can be bulked out with sensitivity-triggering fillers, Butternut Box only contains the good stuff and none of the nasties. Our recipes are created by expert nutritionists to ensure they're complete and balanced.

But that doesn't mean we've used weird and complicated ingredients – if you read our labels you'll see that each meal is made up of meat, vegetables and a bit of seasoning such as herbs and brewer's yeast. You could pick all of these up from your local supermarket or health-food shop.

Calculating the perfect portion size can be tricky when you're using the guidelines on the back of a tin or bag. These don't take into account your dog's breed, age or activity. You might be doing everything by the book, but accidentally over- or under-feeding your furry friend.

At Butternut Box, we ask you a few questions when you sign up, so we know exactly how much food to pack into each pouch. As well as which breed you own, we also ask about their health – things like if they've been neutered or if they're currently at the right weight. Another bonus? As Butternut Box avoids fillers, your Boston will feel fuller for longer. That's a clean bowl and paws-up from everyone involved.

How Much Will it Cost to Feed My Boston Terrier Butternut Box?

We estimate that it will cost around £60 each month to feed your Boston Terrier a diet of Butternut Box food. This is based on data from our current customers and can vary depending on things like age, weight and activity level.

We generally recommend dividing this into two meals per day, morning and evening, to help sustain your pooch throughout the day.

Want an exact price and plan? Answer a few short questions about your pooch by clicking the Build Your Box button below.