Feeding Guidelines and Weight Management

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30 Jun 2020

One of the most unique aspects of Butternut Box is that we provide meals that are calculated to each dog’s needs. Using a combination of the latest scientific literature, the expertise of our veterinary nutrition consultant and data learning, we have devised our very own algorithm or "nutritional calculator". This accounts for each dog’s age, weight, breed, body condition score and activity level. It even adjusts for treats and calculates daily feeding requirements to the closest 50 calories.

We can truthfully say that Butternut Box perfectly portioned daily meals takes the guesswork out of mealtimes.

Using such an intelligent algorithm to produce our feeding guidelines offers many benefits to our customers. First and foremost, it means that their dogs will not be overweight. This is good news because numerous large scale studies have proven that the single greatest factor to impact a dogs’ health and longevity is their weight. In fact, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association has officially classified obesity as a disease. It’s no surprise then that the quality of life for overweight dogs isn’t great either as they are predisposed to conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus and certain types of neoplasia.

Coping with Food Allergies: OG Image

A recent study showed that 59% of pups in the UK are overweight or obese and we want to do something about it. Simply put, dogs who are a healthy weight, can live much longer and better lives.

By having daily portions that are exactly matched to what each dog needs means pet parents won’t have to do any measuring and there is no scope for over feeding. Also, the fresh nature of the meals means that they’re often more filling and offer much better satisfaction for both pup and pet parent. (The pet parent doesn’t feel mean about only giving their pup a small handful of dried biscuits for supper and then proceed to give them unhealthy table scraps and treats ‘to make up’).

Another benefit of Butternut Boxes individualised portions is that there’s no wasted food. Each day’s meals comes in individual pouches.

Whether they need to tone up or slim down, weight loss management is made easy, with excellent owner compliance.

More food in the bowl

Pet parents tell us they feel less guilty about restricting food, leading to greater portion control compliance and excellent weight loss results!

Butternut 500kcal vs kibble brand 500kcal

500 kcal: Butternut Box vs Kibble


Jo with Scooby

"I Struggled to get weight on my Border Collie, Scooby! He had no interest in food so it was hard work getting the calories in him. He loves his Butternut packages and wolfs his food down now and is gaining weight nicely. Have to watch him when I open the fridge because he swipes a package and runs off down the garden with it!!!"

Catherine with Teddy

"My dog absolutely loves this food, he is now at his ideal weight and his coat is in great condition. The pre-portioned packs mean he isn’t being overfed and the convenience of having it delivered to the door each month also means I don’t have to worry about running out."

Michelle with Sprout

"Starting using Butternut Box a few months back, and we couldn't be happier. We have a 12 year old Brussels Griffon, who is very particular and has weight issues. Since starting on your food, he looks better than he has in years and he LOVES it!! Thank you for taking such great care of our little guy - it's so good to see him thriving again!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!"

Sarah with Lord William

"I've had my Miniature Dachshund on Butternut Box now nearly a year & within the first month, I noticed a difference in his coat …It's so easy to control his weight and I feel happy knowing he's getting everything he needs all in one pack. Couldn't recommend enough, we love it."